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#BehindtheBrandManager: Penny Biram of Norton Rose Fulbright SA
#BehindtheBrandManager: Penny Biram of Norton Rose Fulbright SAArticle

For our #BehindtheBrandManager series, Penny Biram, head of Marketing at Norton Rose Fulbright SA, reiterates the importance of compliance checks, and chats about the differences managing consumer and legal brands...

Shan Radcliffe 29 Apr 2021

#BehindtheBrandManager: Tereza Correia of Yolk on rebranding Andersen in SA
#BehindtheBrandManager: Tereza Correia of Yolk on rebranding Andersen in SAArticle

For our #BehindtheBrandManager series this month, we chatted to legal marketing consultant, co-founder and strategic lead at Yolk, Tereza Correia, who currently manages the Andersen brand in South Africa...

Shan Radcliffe 8 Apr 2021

Snaps of some of the ads in question.
#OrchidsandOnions: Audi mum on 'illegal' adArticle

Affronted: Some road users deem distracting billboard a hazard...

Brendan Seery 22 Oct 2019

GALA to hold advertising law seminar in Buenos Aires
GALA to hold advertising law seminar in Buenos AiresArticle

The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance announced an international advertising law seminar to take place in Buenos Aires on 2 December 2016...

2 Nov 2016

...and they lived happily ever after
...and they lived happily ever afterArticle

You're all grown up, relatively intellectual and, for the most part, make decisions that are suited to enhance your wellbeing. But then in walks love and somewhere in your subconscious lurks romantic visions of Cinderella...

27 Nov 2013

Female breadwinners at all-time high
Female breadwinners at all-time highArticle

Mothers and wives are increasingly becoming primary household breadwinners. With this in mind, is South African female financial literacy up to scratch?

22 Aug 2013

[2010 trends] Media law a necessity, not a luxury
[2010 trends] Media law a necessity, not a luxuryArticle

Companies have adopted a more conservative "wait-and-see" outlook and are, instead, giving considerable thought to what is important and what will keep them afloat in a still uncertain market. This level of awareness has resulted in a need to 'protect and preserve' that has certainly been seen by those in the legal marketing sector.

Rachelle Bricout 21 Jan 2010

Chris Moerdyk
Illegal marketing practices targetedArticle

Well, it had to happen. All those shady marketing ploys such as 'you have won a prize' and 'if you don't pay for or return this product you never asked for in the first place, we will charge you for it and then sue you blind if you don't pay', have been outlawed by the Government's Office of Consumer Protection.

Chris Moerdyk 26 Mar 2006

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