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Want to withdraw retirement funds on emigration? You may have to wait three years...
Want to withdraw retirement funds on emigration? You may have to wait three years...Article

The National Treasury published the Draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, 2020 (Draft Tax Bill) for public comment. One of the more contentious proposals in the Draft Tax Bill relates to the ability of people emigrating from South Africa to access amounts in their pension preservation fund, provident preservation fund and retirement annuity fund (retirement funds) when they leave...

Joon Chong and Wesley Grimm 8 Sep 2020

Richard Neal, MD, Sovereign Trust
SA businesses look offshore to ease Covid-19 painArticle

The Covid-19 lockdown left a trail of devastation across entire industries - but it has also forced many South African businesses to look for new approaches and markets...

Richard Neal 21 Jul 2020

The border closure has affected goods from other West African countries. Wikimedia Commons
Nigeria's border closure has implications for Africa's economic integrationArticle

Nigeria recently partially closed its border with Benin in an effort to stem the smuggling of rice. It then went on to close its land borders to the movement of all goods from Benin, Niger and Cameroon, effectively banning trade flows with its neighbours...

Tahiru Azaaviele Liedong 28 Oct 2019

SARB's new loop structure allows foreign investment for startups
SARB's new loop structure allows foreign investment for startupsArticle

Local unlisted research and development companies can establish companies offshore in order to obtain foreign investment without prior approval...

17 Apr 2017

Africa: the last big consumer story?
Africa: the last big consumer story?Article

Chinese influence remains robust in Africa...

26 Apr 2016

Clover CEO Johann Vorster. Photographer: Martin Rhodes Image source:
Clover puts plans for Nigeria and Angola on holdArticle

Dairy products and beverages group Clover has become the second South African company this year to shelve its Nigerian expansion plans due to stringent import-regulation and foreign exchange controls that have made operating in Africa's largest economy difficult...

Fifi Peters 3 Mar 2016

dotAfrica domain available in September
dotAfrica domain available in SeptemberArticle

The availability of the dotAfrica (.africa) Top Level Domain (TLD) is expected to commence in September 2014, following the expiry of the Sunrise and Land Rush periods, which are scheduled to start in May 2014.

4 Feb 2014

Julie Cheung
Free Zone opportunities in the UAEArticle

Imagine a business landscape where entrepreneurial endeavour and risk taking is rewarded to the hilt, where government interference through regulation and red tape is kept to a minimum, and where enthusiasm and innovation is encouraged at every turn. Sounds a bit too good to be true? Not in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)!

Julie Cheung 15 Feb 2013

Gregory Gondwe
Revive IMF program or no assistance, donors tell MalawiArticle

Malawi's donors under the Common Approach to Budget Support (CABS) have asked the country to revive its International Monetary Fund (IMF) program or forget their financial assistance.

Gregory Gondwe: @Kalipochi 8 Dec 2011

Treasury to relax SA exchange control rules furtherArticle

The government said it would further relax foreign exchange control rules for individuals, making it easier for citizens to invest up to R5m abroad annually. The National Treasury also said it would allow companies to top up capital in their offshore businesses. It relaxed rules for coporations wishing to invest outside their current business lines, fin24 reports.

31 Oct 2011

China puts its mark on Malawi
China puts its mark on MalawiArticle

Driving through Malawi's capital, Lilongwe, it is difficult to miss the imposing building under construction in the city centre. It's the country's first five-star hotel, US$90 million worth of well-appointed rooms, a state-of-the-art conference centre and 14 opulent presidential suites.

Claire Ngozo 28 Apr 2011

Gregory Gondwe
Central bank establishes foreign exchange controlsArticle

Malawi has set up new exchange controls as a strategic way of ensuring adequate utilisation of its foreign exchange reserves.

Gregory Gondwe 11 Jan 2010

Gregory Gondwe
Malawi: National Bank of Malawi introduces Visa debit cardsArticle

The National Bank of Malawi last Tuesday introduced Visa debit cards and Visa point of sale (POS) devices, which the Bank's CEO, George Partridge said, will aid in effective discharge of monetary policy measures.

Gregory Gondwe 18 Jul 2008

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