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Manana Moroka is the new Chief Executive Officer of Proudly South African

Proudly South African has announced the appointment of its new Chief Executive Officer, Ms Manana Moroka, effective of the 1st of November 2005.

The appointment of Ms Moroka as CEO will provide greater momentum in the campaign's transformation from its initial focus of generating awareness of the brand and logo into a second phase, which is about creating more value to Proudly South African members and changing consumer behaviour towards local products and services. First launched in 2001, the campaign has made remarkable progress by achieving a national awareness rate of 80% and is now recognised as one of the country's top 50 brands.

Ms Moroka was previously the Deputy Director General of Marketing at the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti). Her responsibilities ranged from creating public awareness of the dti brand and educating economic citizens around the products and services offered by the dti to overall management and marketing of the dti brand. In addition she was responsible for the uptake of the dti products and services, as well as ensuring access to information for companies and citizens. Ms Moroka served on the Proudly South African Board for the past two years and was a member of the Audit Committee.
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