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[BizTrends 2016] Media trends 2016
Media trends 2016

In the late 1990s, Bill Gates wrote a book predicting where technology would take humankind in the following decade. Just under 20 years later, few of his predictions have come true...

By Brendan Seery, Issued by Independent Media 28 Jan 2016


[BizTrends 2016] Make storytelling part of your DNA
Make storytelling part of your DNA

There is a major shift underway in how content is being disseminated to viewers. As a 'small box content creator', my audience is changing their behaviour...

By Markus Davies 26 Jan 2016


[BizTrends 2016] Out of Home consolidation
Out of Home consolidation

Digitisation, new collaborative research and consolidation in the industry, puts OOH media in a very exciting place in South Africa and in Africa...

By Jacques du Preez 21 Jan 2016


[BizTrends 2016] The media agency future
The media agency future

First of all - 2016 aside - I'm already seeing quite a different approach to the definition and the role of a media agency in the actual agency mix when it comes to overall business outcomes for clients...

By Graham Deneys 21 Jan 2016


[BizTrends 2016] Tell great stories
Tell great stories

In the 21st century, the biggest business opportunities are no longer in the brand alone, but in everything around the brand. The narratives we craft must sell the brand experience...

By Samantha Page 20 Jan 2016


Craig Page-Lee
The consumer is in control

The consumer has to be at the centre of brand decisions because they are in control, at the centre of the experience and information flows...

By Craig Page-Lee 9 Feb 2015


Chris Hitchings
Media/brands on demand

After an exceedingly tough year in 2014, the media industry and brands need to explore new opportunities such as video-on-demand; second screening; and even longer form content to maximise brand spend and content...

By Chris Hitchings 9 Feb 2015


Jacques du Preez
International networks shift SA media landscape

Almost overnight, local South African media owners and advertising agencies have become global players as international agency and media networks continue their acquisition spree in southern Africa...

By Jacques du Preez 8 Feb 2015


[Trends 2015] Programmatic media-buying surge
Programmatic media-buying surge

John Bowles, joint-MD, of the Newspaper Advertising Bureau (NAB), predicts more private ad exchanges playing a role in the market.

By John Bowles 5 Feb 2015


Dawn Rowlands
Invest in communication and content

Brands that stand out will create commercial success by attracting more users, more often. Brands that make it easy for consumers to recognise them (and love them) will win...

By Dawn Rowlands 2 Feb 2015


Ravi Bhaya
The African digital revolution

As the world gets more inter-connected, the Internet of Things will become more of a reality in the emerging markets of Africa...

By Ravi Bhaya 2 Feb 2015


[Trends 2015] e-Sports outstrips mainstream sports
e-Sports outstrips mainstream sports

While big data, content marketing and the cloud are up there in his trends for 2015 too, Vincent Maher, chief innovation officer at Kagiso Media, has also highlighted the growth of e-Sports...

By Vincent Maher 30 Jan 2015


[Trends 2015] The disruption of media models
The disruption of media models

Traditional media models are broken and new business thinking is required going forward, urges Omar Essack, group deputy CEO of Kagiso Media...

By Omar Essack 28 Jan 2015


Jaco Pienaar
What to expect from 2015

Business has now resumed at its normal frenetic pace and thoughts have turned to how the local media landscape will change in 2015...

By Jaco Pienaar 27 Jan 2015


ratchanida thippayos via
Brand safe programmatic environment grows in SA

With the global trend, as always, dictating South Africa's way forward, the market is poised to see a growth of spend in this area at a steeper curve in 2015...

By Paula Raubenheimer 24 Jan 2015

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