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Z-Card launches in Botswana

Z-Card Africa, India, Middle East and Turkey (ZAMI) launched itself at the beginning of December in Botswana, increasing its African footprint.
Mark Colley, MD Outta Space with John Davis, MD, Z-Card
According to John Davis, the managing director of ZAMI, the company has entered into a distributor agreement with Botswana-based Outta Space, which is already equipped with a full sales team.

Davis explains that Botswana's Gross Domestic Product, per capita, is high in relation to most other African countries. "Although the population is small, there is potential for good business as Botswana has a relatively sophisticated market. We've already put together numerous quotes for Outta Space, from small numbers to the significant quantity of 500 000."

All of the Z-Card formats, as well as its forms of PocketMedia, are already on offer in the country. These range from its recently launched Star Fold and Flip Window to Unidentified Folding Objects, dispensers, plastic loyalty or medical aid cards and die cut covers.

"We specialise in everything you can fit into your pocket. If we haven't produced it yet, bring it to us and our research and development department will soon find a solution to produce it," says Davis.

Botswana offers Z-Card the opportunity for growth in various sectors including telecommunications, tourism, banking and mine safety. Government sectors like health, education and safety and security are also solid markets.

"While traditional media such as TV, radio and print already exist in the market, PocketMedia will fill the gap as an easily retainable form of print. Z-Card will hold significant market share in Botswana, as there are no similar products in the market," adds Davis.

"Outta Space welcomes the association with ZAMI and believes that Botswana offers a broad spectrum of opportunity for the use of the Z-Card and PocketMedia products," says Mark Colley, managing director of Outta Space.

“We believe these products have an important role to play in the marketing and communications requirements of government, parastatals, NGOs and the commercial sector, and are proud to have been identified by ZAMI as the company to represent its products in Botswana. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial associatio
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