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New York Festivals 2015 Torch Awards for Young Creative Talent announces Finalist Teams

NEW YORK CITY, US: New York Festivals Torch Awards has announced the 2015 Finalist Teams who will compete in the 60-Second Spot Challenge taking place in New York City on 20 May...
The Finalist Teams, comprised of 18 to 25-year old creatives from around the world, will start the day with a mentoring session with 2015 Executive Jury members, who will help them polish their pitch. Finalist Teams will present their 60-Second Spot campaign before a panel of jury members, including representatives from The Project Solution and prominent judges recruited from the 2015 Executive Jury. The 2015 Grand Winning Team will be announced live at the New York Show gala on 21 May.

The 2015 Torch Award Finalist Teams:

• BIRTHDAY - TBWA\SMP - Philippines
Erielle Pineda (Digital Strategist)
Beatrice Isabel Guerrero (Digital Account Manager)
Michelle Anne Duñgo (Account Manager)
Therese Andrea Javier (User Interface Designer)
Dang Khoa Pham (Designer)
Lam Tran Thanh (Strategic Planning Intern)
• HOT NUGGETS - Juniper Park - Canada
Jesse Wilks (Copywriter)
Gerardo Agbuya (Art Director)
Louise Egan (Copywriter, WAA Chosen)
Victoria Edmonds (Designer, The Wonderland Ltd)
• OHAYO - Dentsu Japan
Aya Hamada (Copywriter/Planner)
Mikou Sakamoto (Copywriter/Planner)
Teru Tsujinaka (Copywriter/Planner)
Naoya Kudo (Copywriter/Planner)

New York Festivals launched the Torch Awards in 2014 to champion young creative talent. The competition encourages creatives from the ages of 18 to 25 to take part in a unique competition that explores a creative challenge and offers mentor training on how to pitch their idea. This year's challenge is the 60-Second Spot. Based on a provided brief, entrants submitted their idea for a 60-second video for the 2015 non-profit partner, The Project Solution.

Torch Awards Jury members will determine the Grand Winning Team based on the following criteria: relevance to and understanding of The Project Solution brand and mission; a clear demonstration of campaign goals and strategy; adherence to the brief, including scope and budgets; and creative idea.

New York Festivals partnered this year with The Project Solution, a non-profit organisation whose philosophy is centred on the idea that small solutions can make a big impact. The results: 5 years, 22 projects, 11 countries, and over 12,000 lives changed.

To view the Torch Awards Mentors and Jury Members, click here]].

For more information on the Torch Awards please visit the Torch Awards website. For more information on The Project Solution please visit
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