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CineMARK takes cinema advertising to Botswana

CineMARK, a leading screen advertising contractor, has been awarded the cinema advertising rights to the Avalon Cinema complex in the Game City Shopping Centre, Gaborone, Botswana.

The Gaborone cinecentre has 6 cinema houses with a total seating capacity of 662 people and is surrounded by leading shopping and entertainment options including, Total Sports, Foschini, Squires, Brazillian, C.N.A and much much more!

"We are delighted to be able to offer our advertiser another market to tap into. The new cinecentre in Gaborone is sure to be a wonderful success and we really believe that this is a viable expansion into outer lying areas for CineMARK and its advertisers," states Trevor Ormerod CEO CineMARK.

With the established shopping and entertainment options presented in the new Game City Shopping centre advertisers are being offered a unique opportunity to reach their intended target audiences where they are most likely to make purchases and when they are at their most relaxed. Cinema is the one medium where the audience is totally focused and captivated ensuring the advertising message is well received and without any distractions.
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