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New report reveals customers want security, service and localised experiences

According to a new CMO Council's report, Reshaping Global Engagement Operations, today's customer is seeking security, service and localised experiences based on local language and culture...

25 Jun 2019


Kaspersky Lab: Duqu, Stuxnet... Team created other malicious programs

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: New information on the infections with the Duqu and Stuxnet Trojans confirms that one team is behind this family of malicious programs, and also permits the assumption that a single platform was used, which is flexibly adaptable to specific targets. Besides, this platform may have been developed long before the Stuxnet epidemic and used more actively than has been thought up to now.

16 Jan 2012


Kaspersky achieves PURE success

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces that Kaspersky PURE, its comprehensive home network protection solution, came first in tests designed to measure the effectiveness of the parental control modules of 10 of the industry's leading security solutions.

31 Aug 2010