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c.i.a launches research tool in Africa

The Consumer Insight Agency (c.i.a), an ethnographic market research company, has launched it's NOW Africa Immersion Tool in Africa. The NOW project provides insight into the mindsets of consumers within and beyond Africa.
The project began in South Africa with documentary-style research studies and has evolved into a strategy tool for African markets. In the latest release, fieldworkers with hand-held cameras look into the lives of Kenyan consumers, meeting a cross-section of society from the ghetto-kids of Kibera (Africa's largest slum) to the wealthy (and largely conservative) elite. The project explores attitudes and beliefs, needs, shopping bags and cupboards, with the aim of revealing secrets to brand loyalty.

The studies include gritty video footage and images, and is presented in an interactive surfable tool. The report includes a local consumer landscape model, and strategic guidance for marketers.

Similar studies of Nigeria and Angola, as well as a revisit of the South African consumer landscape are currently in progress.

The NOW studies have been syndicated by companies including brandhouse, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Media 24, PEP, Engen and Kraft/ Cadburys.