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Econet offers lowest regional call charges

Zimbabweans in South Africa can now enjoy reduced call rates to their country thanks to a new initiative by Econet Wireless and Econet Wireless South Africa.
Econet Wireless announced it has linked up with its South African entity to provide arguably the cheapest rates for calls from South Africa to Zimbabwe ever, through "Call Home". The calls cost R2.25 per minute with pure per second billing.

The average rate charged by South Africa's leading firms is R4.26 per minute.

Econet Wireless South Africa is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which refers to a firm that offers its services using one of the South African networks and does not build its own network.

This type of service was first popularised by Richard Branson's Virgin group in the United Kingdom, and has become a very successful global concept.

Econet Wireless Group has MVNO operations in South Africa and the UK.

"When Econet Wireless launched its MVNO in South Africa, it targeted specifically the needs of Zimbabwean and other African immigrants.

"Many Zimbabweans took its SIM cards out of national pride," Rangarirai Mberi, corporate communications manager for Econet Wireless said.

Econet Wireless has been developing products for Zimbabweans in South Africa, where it is headquartered.

Among these are "CarryMeHome" which covers the cost of repatriation to Zimbabwe in case of death in South Africa.

Econet Wireless South Africa is currently developing a South African version of the highly popular EcoCash so that its customers can send money home efficiently


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