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Napers forecasts digital TV growth

South African technology firm, Naspers, projects the uptake of digital terrestrial television, GoTV to increase in the coming months in Nigeria and Zambia.
Meloy Horn, Naspers head of Investor Relations, said the company was impressed by the uptake and expects the trend to increase in the coming months as the country migrates to digital broadcasting.

"We believe access to a selection of entertainment channels at a very low price is also attracting customers and more people are likely to subscribe to this service as they gradually become aware of this.

Once the analogue frequency is switched off (as per International Telecommunications Union guidelines), subscriber numbers could well increase dramatically."

She said it was while it was too early to disclose any subscriber numbers as yet, the company was impressed with progress made.

DTT is a fairly new technology and in the absence of an analogue switch-off, the major driving force of the service uptake is mainly an improved viewing proposition.

"More television households are switching to DTT to enjoy digital picture and sound quality," said Horn.


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