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Algeria Telecom launches 48 calls centres

Algeria Telecommunications, the country's public operator of telecommunications services, is to establish 48 call centres to increase the number already in operation.
The director-general of Algeria Telecoms, Slimane Khiredine said over the weekend the project is expected to provide more than 4,000 jobs, especially for new graduates.

The call centres will be set-up in Algiers, in Constantine in the east and Oran in the west. Khiredine said the project was proof of the country's commitment to the development of ICT infrastructure for the well-being of its citizens.

Vorax Technologies, a private company specialising in the development of telecommunications solutions is to partner with Algeria Telecom in rolling out the call centres.

According to reports, the agreement between the two partners is to run for three years until 2011 by which time all call centres should be up and running.

The first series of call centres will be devoted to administration, local communities and public and private economic operators. They will be used as modern and efficient means of communication in order to improve the relationship with customers and citizens.

Furthermore, the ministry of ICT and of professional training has also announced the launch of a common training session for telephone operators dedicated to the business of call centres. An exhibition on the opportunities being offered by the call centres was held on Monday 26 November 2007 in Algiers.

Industry observers point out that Algeria is lagging behind its neighbours in the business of call centres, and according to Algeria's minister of ICTs, Boujema Haichour, the time to catch up is now and take advantage of the many opportunities being offered by the telecommunications sector.

Tunisia and Morocco are reportedly making steady progress in the provision of telecommunications services and this can be confirmed by the willingness of French Telecom companies to invest in the two countries.

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