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Egyptian bloggers say revolution was built on more than just tweets

Six months after they launched a revolution that ousted the regime, Egyptian bloggers have acknowledged that it takes more than a Facebook page to overthrow a dictator.
"The internet played a key role but it was not the only tool. The revolution really belongs to the people," said Wael Abbas, a veteran Egyptian blogger who has been posting his thoughts in cyberspace since 2004.

The 18-day revolution that brought an end to the 30-year rule of president Hosni Mubarak and his regime was largely played on the street, but bloggers do not underestimate the importance of Facebook and Twitter.

"The internet helped to speed up things," said Hossam al-Hamalawy, who is known in cyberspace by the nickname "3arabawy" or "the Arab".

"But the revolution would have taken place without it," he said.

It is true that bloggers used the internet to mobilise thousands of people, but Egypt's was not only a "Facebook Revolution" or a "Twitter Revolution," bloggers like Hamalawy say.

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