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Botswana's education system - good example to Africa

Botswana has set a good example to other African countries for investing more in education, says North West MEC for Economic Development and Tourism, Darkie Africa.
Speaking during an investment seminar held on Thursday, 24 April 2008, at Phakalane golf estate in Botswana, MEC Africa said investment in education in Botswana has set a good example not only in Africa but also internationally.

“We note and congratulate with pride, all the erstwhile leaders of Botswana who through their expertise in the various field of education set and example for the youth of Botswana.

“The focus and the emphasis of Botswana on educating its population is an example that many countries wish to have and follow,” MEC Africa said.

MEC Africa said the North West province should use the fact that it was nearer to Botswana to learn more about their strategies in education.

“We should use the benefit that geography offers us and strengthen cooperation between our institutions of higher learning in the North West province and Botswana.

“We must also look at critical lessons in Botswana's educational system that brought Botswana such successes in improving literacy level in their country,” MEC Africa said.

Dr Keteng Molefi, 56, a lecturer at the University of Botswana said that their country was still one of the countries in Africa with a high literacy rate and that made him very exited.

“We are happy that our country is doing well in terms of education and other African countries must learn from us that putting more money in education is not really a loss, but a good investment,” he said.

Molefi also encouraged government and local businesses to use more local graduates.

“We do have graduates who must often be used in our businesses. We must not always adopt a style of looking for employees in our companies in other countries.

“We must all learn in African countries to use our people locally after they complete their studies,” Molefe said.

Article published courtesy of BuaNews