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Bad publicity or no publicity - LSM report

The London School of Marketing (LSM) has published an article weighing up the pros and cons of bad publicity in which experts debate the question, "Is it better to be talked about for the wrong reasons than not be talked about at all?
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"The primary challenge that all marketers face today is visibility. Whether trying to keep a well-established brand in the spotlight or spreading the word about a new product, it is all too easy to be drowned out by the sea of competing marketing communications," states the article.

"The way consumers learn about companies will often be from sources they actively engage with, such as news channels and social media. What this means for marketers is indisputable: better than talking, the important thing is to be talked about."

This article provides industry-wide examples of brands who have benefited by bad press, as well as those who have been undermined by it. In all cases, it recommends the best ways to manage the inevitability of negative publicity.

"Every brand will be exposed to negative press at some point, whether from a single disgruntled consumer or an industry-wide exposé. The affect on your company will depend on subject of the publicity, and therefore how you seek to address it. However, it is really better to be scandalous than silent? Unless you are specifically courting controversy, prevention is usually the best cure," concludes the article.

Click here to read the full article.
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Donnette Davis
Having been on the receiving end of both negative and positive recently, I found this article very informative. People need to stand up and take notice, particularly where it states "Unless you are specifically courting controversy, prevention is usually the best cure,"
Posted on 25 Aug 2015 13:42