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New monetisation models for media are needed
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Meet Facebook News: its new 'dedicated place' for news in the US
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Managing director for the A+E Networks Africa's EMEA territories, Dean Possenniskie. Image supplied.
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Empowering news organisations through technological innovation
Image credit: Simon Steinberger from Pixabay.
#FB@15: Inside Facebook's 4 Cs for innovation
How to deal with the troll armies
Monetising online radio: Stop, collaborate and digitally listen
Digital marketing and dark social traffic
Why YouTubers should consider collaborating with influencer marketing platforms
Bloomberg's Africa media plan raises questions
Imposing one story on Africa is doing it a disservice
Angolan journo wins top award for anti-corruption fight
Wasace super cable: more details emerge
Issa Sikiti da Silva
Social media, popular revolt: cure against African dictators?
African people disillusioned with leadership - Moeletsi Mbeki
Concern mounts over missing SA journo as govt scrambles to assist
African politicians ban media to avoid criticism - Henry Maina
Dario Milo and media law: is legal sky a limit for journalists?
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