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#StartupStory: Christopher, the future of AI in Africa
New monetisation models for media are needed
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Meet Facebook News: its new 'dedicated place' for news in the US
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Empowering news organisations through technological innovation
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Image credit: Simon Steinberger from Pixabay.
#FB@15: Inside Facebook's 4 Cs for innovation
Thea Sokolowski, head of brand and marketing at MEST Africa.
Instagram, the new marketing hub for business growth
Content is king but is it relevant to your audience?
Five skills to help you connect with your social media audience
When brands get social media engagement right
Khumo Theko, trend spotter at Flux Trends.
Influencer marketing in South Africa - By the numbers
3 reasons why influencer marketing sucks right now
Microsoft CMO on the transformation of digital marketing
Why savvy instant messaging campaigns can drive global brand awareness
#BizTrends2019: Bizcommunity hosts #BizTrendsLIVE!, an overview
Kalliebree Keynerd, head of social media at Joe Public Connect.
Godfrey Parkin, CEO of Britefire and of Angaza.
#BizTrends2019: Social brands get even smarter with insightful strategy
Facebook's 2018 Year in Review
The five vital aspects of a successful social media campaign
How to deal with the troll armies
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