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A South African's guide to moving to and making it in Malta: A capital of knowledge

How does a nation get ahead in the global economy if its landmass and population size is small? Although I hadn't thought much about it previously, an article in the Times of Malta made me think of my newly adopted homeland rather differently. The answer is to position yourself as a player in the knowledge economy...

By Marcus ‘The Maltese Falcon’ Brewster 2 Mar 2018

Photo: Roche
Effects of dominance in price

There's been Increased focus on pharmaceutical pricing, both domestically and internationally...

By Nicci Botha 21 Jul 2017

Photo: Roche
Trastuzumab and the high cost of cancer treatment

It seems cruel that drugs that can save the lives of thousands of cancer sufferers are so prohibitively expensive...

By Nicci Botha 21 Jun 2017

Photo credit: Roy Potterill
Patents and access to medicine

Rights activist group, Fix the patent laws, is taking a stand to get the South African law on medicine patents changed...

By Nicci Botha 2 Feb 2017

US insurer ordered to defend prescription drug lawsuit
US insurer ordered to defend prescription drug lawsuit

Lawsuits by US states to hold pharmaceutical companies liable for their costs of dealing with prescription drug abuse is on the rise...

By Sharon Snell 26 Sep 2016

Odette van der Haar
Food labelling legislation - not just about compliance

The requirements of the new 'food labelling' legislation, which became effective on 1 March 2012, presents an enormous opportunity for the advertising profession.

By Odette van der Haar 15 May 2012

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