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#EntrepreneurMonth: The humble beginnings of a bicycle courier company
#EntrepreneurMonth: The humble beginnings of a bicycle courier company

Iyeza Health, the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Sizwe Nzima and Siraaj Adams, started off as a bicycle courier company to ease the burden of medicine collection for their community...

By Ilse van den Berg 9 Oct 2017

Charles Mburugu
Guidelines for successful medical writing

In this day and age, health issues have become a major concern for many individuals all over the world. People are always looking for all kinds of information from both medical and non-medical publications. Due to the huge demand for health-related content, medical writing has become a very lucrative venture. Anyone with good writing skills can succeed in this field, even with little or no medical training.

By Charles Mburugu 30 Sep 2014

Malaria outbreak: Limpopo issues travel warning
Malaria outbreak: Limpopo issues travel warning

A malaria outbreak in Limpopo has led to the issuing of a travel warning and the dispatch of health teams to the province, reports the SABC.

By Rod Baker 13 Jan 2014

Found! Another use for condoms... possibly... or not?
Found! Another use for condoms... possibly... or not?

NEWSWATCH: The Independent (UK) reports that some elderly South Africans are using condoms for a different purpose... easing arthritis pain.

By Rod Baker 9 Jan 2014

Bhekisisa Mncube
Rotavirus crisis, what crisis?

There is a school of thought in journalism literature that says journalists must write "news to use" not titillation and gossip.

By Bhekisisa Mncube 12 Jul 2013

Laurence Hillman
Giving high blood pressure the 'squeeze' this World Health Day

High Blood Pressure also known as hypertension currently affects around 6.3 million South Africans. Blood pressure refers to the force of blood pushing against the artery walls as it moves through the body, just like too much water being pushed through a garden hose can damage the hose, having high blood pressure could cause serious damage your healthy arteries.

By Laurence Hillman 5 Apr 2013

Chamendran Naidoo
Hair raising: Taking a stache for men's health

'Tis the season when shopping malls are adorned with frosting upon their windows and sprightly men and women don their short-shorts and take to the streets with glee in their hearts and moustaches upon their lips. Yes, you read that right. In fact, oh my readers, this article finds your dear author with nascent shadows of a budding bush tickling his nose at this very moment, all in the name of spreading awareness for men's health.

By Chamendran Naidoo 5 Nov 2012

Robyn Farrell
Insuring your breast assets

It is estimated that 8,676 women will be affected by breast cancer in 2015 [1]. With October earmarked as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in South Africa, this is a time where we remember the women who have battled the disease and also consider the ways that we can protect ourselves.

By Robyn Farrell 22 Oct 2012

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