Amok Digital

Amok Digital

We never set out to be game-changers - that just happened.

It was a cold and dreary day in Joburg. Three colleagues went to grab a coffee to warm their weary souls, what happened next will have lasting effects on the industry for years to come.

Amidst the lamenting of all that is wrong with the business of marketing, an idea emerged: To throw the rulebook out the window and run AMOK with the industry. As a result, our team of directors have more experience combined (34 years) than the average age of our employees. We are young, dynamic, and fresh. A bunch of unique misfits who are not afraid to let the crazy sparkle.

We might be small, but our talented team is all-round skilful. What we don't know, we learn. What we do, we do extremely well.

We are young enough to know that technology changes behaviour, and old enough to know how to wield this knowledge wisely.

Contact us for more information, and together we can create a specialised solution to your marketing needs. Take our hand, jump into the madness - let's run AMOK!

Type of company: Advertising, communication and digital agency
Primary business: Digital
Services: Strategy, Design, Development, SEO, ORM, Photography, Videography, Animation, Copywriting, Social Media
Twitter name: AmokDigital
Facebook page:
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Physical address: 001 Magalieszicht Avenue, Building 4, Albury Park, Suite 47, Dunkeld West, 2196

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