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The Listerine flipbook

HONG KONG, CHINA: The challenge... Mouthwash giant, Listerine, needed an innovative new way to get the people of Hong Kong talking about its products. Listerine is claimed to banish the taste of food after meals along with the bacteria that cause bad breath, giving its users fresh breath for up to 12 hours.

It wanted to spread this message to consumers in a fun and engaging way that wouldn't fail to grab the public's attention. The planners behind the brand came up with the idea of the flipbook, but they needed to put a new-and-improved spin on what has now become a dated marketing tool.


Bad breath is one of the biggest dating no-no's so Listerine decided to use this idea to spearhead the campaign. Listerine enlisted the help of JWT Hong Kong to bring a seemingly simple idea to life. The specially designed flipbook contained images of a beautiful girl who, as users flipped through the pages, looked like she was speaking. Here came the twist - special technology was used to add a strong onion-flavoured scent to the pages creating the illusion that the girl was "speaking" with bad breath.


The flipbook's aesthetic was simple consisting only of the young woman's image - there was no text and therefore no indication of what was lurking within its pages. Brand ambassadors took to the busy streets of Hong Kong and handed them out to unsuspecting members of the public, many of whom had their reactions caught on camera. At the back of the book was a coupon for a free sample of Listerine Total Care mouthwash that could be redeemed from nearby locations.


66% of those who received the book used the vouchers to claim their free samples.


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