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EU5 map usage via smartphone growing 7x faster than classic web

LONDON, UK: - comScore, Inc has released an overview of mobile and computer usage of Maps across the five leading European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) using the comScore MobiLens and comScore MMX services.
EU5 map usage via smartphone growing 7x faster than classic web

The study showed that 35.0% of smartphone users in EU5 reported accessing maps via their device in March 2012, compared to 49.6% of the internet audience accessing Maps sites on their computers. Across EU5 markets, the smartphone Map audience increased 55% over the past year while map access via computer grew just 8%.

"Smartphones are quickly becoming the primary platform for on-the-go services such as maps and navigation. With apps such as Google Maps coming pre-installed on many phones it's becoming second nature for many of us to rely on the smart device in our pocket to show us the way. The days of checking routes in advance and printing maps to take with us will soon be in our rear view mirror," said Hesham Al-Jehani, European mobile product manager at comScore.

UK leads the way with 40% of smartphone map users

In March 2012, 90.4 million EU5 visitors accessed Maps sites via computer, representing 49.6% of the internet audience. In comparison, 39.8 million smartphone users accessed maps via their device, representing 35% of the EU5 smartphone audience. France ranked first for penetration of Maps sites via computer (53.4% reach) but ranked last when it came to smartphone map access (30.4% reach). The UK was the top market in terms of Map access via smartphones at 40.2%.

EU5 Map Site Access Among Classic Web Users (000) and Smartphone Users (000) March 2012 Computer - Age 15+, Smartphone - Age 13+ (Source: comScore MMX and comScore MobiLens)
Accessed Maps via Computer Accessed Maps via Smartphone
Unique Visitors (000) % Reach Among Computer Audience Unique Visitors (000) % Reach Among Smartphone Audience
EU5 90,418 49.6 39,819 35.0
France 23,074 53.4 6,532 30.4
Germany 26,319 51.1 8,671 36.1
Italy 11,622 40.7 6,696 31.4
Spain 10,482 48.6 6,926 35.4
United Kingdom 18,922 50.3 10,995 40.2

Smartphone map usage grows at 7x computer-based map access

The EU5 classic web audience for Map sites, such as Google Maps and ViaMichelin, grew 8% over the past year, while the smartphone audience grew 55% during the same time period. While users are not shifting away from use of Maps on their computers, the surge in behaviour on smartphones suggests incremental usage and the emergence of a compelling use case while people are on-the-go.

The German smartphone map audience showed the greatest increase among EU5 markets at 89%, followed closely by Spain at 76%. Italy had the slimmest increase in smartphone map access at 35%, but showed the fastest growth rate on computers at 22%.

Percent Change in Internet Audience Aged 15+ Accessing Maps Sites and Smartphone Audience Aged 13+ Accessing Maps via their Device March 2012 vs March 2011 EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK) (Source: comScore MMX and comScore MobiLens)
% Growth Year-over-Year
Accessed Maps Sites via Computer Accessed Maps via Smartphone
EU5 8% 55%
Germany 10% 89%
Spain 3% 76%
United Kingdom 4% 47%
France 6% 38%
Italy 22% 35%

Apple iPhone owners are keenest to use maps

In March 2012, 39.8 million smartphone users accessed maps via their device in EU5. iPhone users showed the highest propensity for this behaviour with 53.4% accessing maps on their phones. Google Android, which owned the highest number of map users at 17.7 million, ranked second in map penetration at 39.8%, while Microsoft rounded up the top 3 at 34.5%.

Top 5 Smartphone Platforms Accessing Maps by % Share of Smartphone Users March 2012 Total EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) Aged 13+ (Source: comScore MobiLens)
Accessed Maps
Smartphone Subscribers
(000) % Penetration of Platform Users Accessing Maps
Total Smartphone Map Audience: 13+ yrs old 39,819 100.0%
Apple 12,363 53.4%
Google 17,671 39.8%
Microsoft 1,748 34.5%
RIM 2,480 24.5%
Symbian 4,923 18.3%

March 2012 EU5 mobile benchmark data

The table below shows comScore's March 2012 mobile benchmark data, including a review of mobile consumption behaviour and device penetration for the five European countries under measurement. These benchmarks are published by comScore to provide the most up-to-date snapshot of the mobile industry. Further information on these benchmarks, and other data included above, can be provided upon request.

Mobile Benchmark Data for the European Market 3 Month Avg. Ending March 2012 Total EU5 (DE, ES, FR, IT and UK), Age 13+ (Source: comScore MobiLens)
Penetration (%) of Mobile Users
EU5 France Germany Italy Spain UK
Used Smartphone 47.6% 44.7% 41.0% 45.3% 55.2% 55.0%
Used Application (excl. pre-installed) 41.4% 37.4% 37.1% 35.3% 47.1% 52.2%
Used browser 41.1% 40.0% 34.7% 35.4% 44.8% 52.7%
Played games 29.5% 18.0% 26.9% 32.9% 33.1% 37.6%
Sent text message 83.6% 86.3% 79.2% 80.7% 79.6% 91.9%
Listened to music 28.6% 25.1% 27.9% 25.6% 37.7% 29.0%
Accessed Social Networking Site or Blog 28.0% 24.9% 22.1% 24.3% 31.3% 39.2%


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