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    Europe's internet users strong newspaper site visitors

    LONDON, UK: comScore, Inc, a leader in measuring the digital world, has released an overview of Internet usage in Europe, showing that 379.4 million Europeans went online in November 2011 for an average of 27.8 hours per person.
    Europe's internet users strong newspaper site visitors

    This release highlights Internet usage in 49 European markets aggregated into the European region and provides individual reporting on 18 markets. Amongst its findings, the study also showed that 47.8% of Europeans visit newspaper sites, with a notable percentage of visits to the top 5 newspaper sites preceded by a visit to Facebook.

    Nearly 1 in 2 Europeans visit newspaper sites

    In November 2011, 181.5 million unique people in Europe visited newspaper sites, an increase of 9% from the previous year. The Daily Mail continued to attract the largest audience at 20.1 million unique visitors, followed by The Guardian at 15.7 million unique visitors. Turkish newspapers Hürriyet and Milliyet and German newspaper Bild rounded out the top five newspaper properties, with each attracting approximately 10 million unique visitors.

    Top Newspaper Sites in Europe by Total Unique Visitors (000) November 2011 Total European Audience, Age 15+, Home and Work Locations
    (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
    Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience 379,402
    News/Information - Newspapers 181,529
    Mail Online 20,068 15,705 10,429 9,663 9,628 8,472 Sites 7,849 (Komsomolskaya Pravda) 7,233
    Telegraph Media Group 6,877 (RIA Novosti) 6,182

    An analysis of the sites visited by Europeans prior to visiting the top 5 newspaper sites shows that Google Sites preceded at least 12% of visits to the top 5 newspaper sites, with a significantly higher percentage seen for the Daily Mail and The Guardian (more than 23% of inbound site traffic). At least 10% of visits are preceded by a visit to Facebook, second only to Google Sites. (This data includes both direct referrals from Facebook links and visits initiated by direct user navigation following a visit to Facebook.)

    Interestingly, the percentage of traffic to these sites preceded by a visit to Facebook has significantly increased in each case, highlighting both Facebook's growing prominence in the European web landscape and its increasing ability to drive referral traffic. The percentage of inbound site traffic preceded by a Facebook visit was highest at Turkish site Milliyet, where it accounted for nearly a fifth of traffic (18.9%). Facebook visitation also preceded a significant percentage of inbound traffic to the Daily Mail and The Guardian, with both sites at approximately 13%, while German newspaper site saw an even higher share (14.8%). Milliyet, the fifth largest European newspaper site, demonstrated the highest point change in such traffic (9-percentage point increase), followed closely by The Guardian (8-percentage point increase).

    Traffic to Top 5 Newspaper Sites in Europe Preceded by November 2011 vs. November 2010 Total European Audience, Age 15+, Home and Work Locations (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
    Site Percentage of Incoming Traffic Preceded by A Visit to
    Nov-10 Nov-11 Point Change
    Mail Online 8.5% 13.1% 4.6 4.6% 12.8% 8.2 6.5% 10.0% 3.5 8.4% 14.8% 6.4 9.9% 18.9% 9.0

    Fastest growing properties in Europe

    Google Sites continued to rank as the top European web property in November with 347.3 million unique visitors, reaching 91.5% of the total European Internet audience. Meanwhile, Russian social network VKontakte continued to display the highest average engagement amongst the top properties, with European visitors spending 438.9 minutes (7.3 hours) on the site. Amongst the fastest growing properties in Europe from October to November were the home improvement retailer Kingfisher (up 21%), followed by French film property AlloCiné Sites (up 19%). Social networking site and daily deals site Groupon also ranked amongst the fastest growing properties, exhibiting a 6-percent month-on-month increase and a 4-percent increase, respectively.

    Top 15 Fastest Growing Properties* in Europe by Total Unique Visitors (000) November 2011 vs. October 2011 Total Europe Audience, Age 15+, Home and Work Locations (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
    Properties Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Oct-11 Nov-11 Percent Change
    Total Internet Audience: Age 15+ 372,066 373,433 1%
    Kingfisher 14,850 18,028 21%
    AlloCine Sites 12,743 15,147 19% 13,103 15,039 15%
    Demand Media 15,320 17,434 14%
    The Mozilla Organisation 41,625 46,179 11% Sites 13,810 15,252 10% 14,443 15,748 9%
    Sony Online 14,920 16,221 9%
    Groupe PPR 24,930 27,003 8% 17,984 19,061 6% 27,725 29,366 6%
    Wikia Sites 16,398 17,305 6%
    New York Times Digital 23,818 25,070 5%
    Rambler Media 22,565 23,596 5%
    Groupon 23,487 24,508 4%

    * Amongst the Top 100 online properties

    European Internet usage by country

    Below is a snapshot of European internet usage in the 18 reportable markets for which comScore provides individual reporting. The Russian Internet audience continued to grow and surpass Germany as the largest online market in Europe. The UK continued to show the highest engagement, with users spending an average of 38.2 hours online during the month.

    Overview of European Internet Usage by Country Ranked by Total Unique Visitors (000) November 2011 Total Europe Audience, Age 15+, Home and Work Locations (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
    Total Unique Visitors (000) Average Hours per Visitor Average Pages per Visitor
    World-Wide 1,438,877 24.4 2,353
    Europe 379,402 27.8 2,982
    Russian Federation 52,486 24.5 2,730
    Germany 50,856 25.8 2,977
    France 42,939 28.6 2,903
    United Kingdom 37,477 38.2 3,450
    Italy 24,225 18.8 2,027
    Turkey 23,302 32.2 3,845
    Spain 21,612 27.4 2,401
    Poland 18,194 27.4 3,208
    Netherlands 11,992 34.3 3,398
    Sweden 6,231 25.9 2,697
    Belgium 6,068 20.8 2,286
    Switzerland 4,790 19.0 2,027
    Austria 4,745 15.1 1,648
    Portugal 4,286 21.2 2,186
    Denmark 3,682 23.3 2,411
    Finland 3,387 26.0 2,591
    Norway 3,272 28.9 2,627
    Ireland 2,355 21.3 2,071

    Source: comScore

    comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a global leader in measuring the digital world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence.

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