PRFilter - designed to match release to recipient

LINCOLN, UK: RealWire has announced yesterday, 24 November 2010, its PRFilter, a patent-pending technology that is designed to match releases to recipients on a more personal basis than existing categorisation systems.
PRFilter - designed to match release to recipientHaving built profiles of individual journalists' and bloggers' interests from analysis of their own, or their publication's, articles, it can use these to predict the relevance of each release. It designed to allow users to adjust the flow of releases by setting their own personal relevance threshold. PRFilter can also learn to improve its relevance through feedback.

Full details can be found via our SMNR and the application's own site.

Designed to process thousands of releases

As well as applying the technology to our distribution service over the coming weeks we have built a stand-alone beta web application - - which is designed to process not just RealWire's own content but thousands of press releases a day from multiple sources.

The application is designed to both demonstrate the system's effectiveness, and as a potential solution to the issue of irrelevant PR. It performs the same filtering on releases aggregated from a number of the well-known distribution services as well as news direct from over 60 major technology and media companies.

If you have any questions about how the technology will impact our distribution or would like to register an interest in trying the PRFilter application, contact Jonathan Dolby, media & client services director, on Twitter: or go to the registration page.

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