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France-US skirmish over Amazon digital tax shows why the century-old international tax system is broken

France and the US have managed to avoid turning their recent trade skirmish into a war - for now...

By Ruth Mason 10 Feb 2020


#BFGlobal500: Amazon breaks $200bn mark, still world's most valuable brand

Amazon makes history as the first brand in Brand Finance Global 500 ranking to exceed $200bn value mark and retains title of world's most valuable brand for the third consecutive year...

22 Jan 2020


Facebook's Libra has staggering potential - state control of money could end

The UN recognises 180 currencies worldwide as legal tender, all of them issued by nation states. It does not recognise cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in this way, even if communities of enthusiasts have been treating them as a means of exchange for over a decade now...

By Gavin Brown 27 Jun 2019


International escrow and tax services offered by Europlaw Group

Europlaw Group has entered a joint venture with Ithuba Savings Credit Corp Limited representing ISCC Group, that has an international footprint from the banking to oil and gas industries...

Issued by Europlaw 27 Aug 2018


US broadcaster faces $13.3m fine for airing undisclosed paid ads

US regulators announced a record $13.3m fine against a major television company for airing promotional content without telling viewers it had been paid to air it...

22 Dec 2017


European privacy watchdogs probe Facebook; EU wants to 'finalise' Google market abuse probe

PARIS, FRANCE: European data protection authorities have joined forces to probe Facebook's privacy controls, a French watchdog said on Thursday, putting the popular US social media giant under fresh pressure...

17 Apr 2015


GTAT wants court to cancel Apple's sapphire contract

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: A supplier enlisted to make sapphire screens for Apple mobile devices has asked a bankruptcy court to free it from contracts that it branded "oppressive and burdensome."

14 Oct 2014


AT&T must pay $105m for unauthorised charges

WASHINGTON, USA: AT&T will have to pay $105m to settle investigations that it added charges to mobile phone bills for unauthorised third-party services such as horoscopes and "fun facts," officials confirmed.

9 Oct 2014


HP fined $59m for bribing Russian officials

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: A judge ordered US computer company Hewlett-Packard to pay $58.8m for bribing Moscow government officials to buy HP computers for Russia's Prosecutor General's office.

12 Sep 2014


Verizon to pay $7.4m for privacy violations

WASHINGTON, USA: US telecommunications company Verizon has agreed to pay a $7.4m fine to settle a probe into its privacy practices, including accessing customer data for marketing purposes, officials have confirmed.

5 Sep 2014


Google to repay $19m for apps bought by children

WASHINGTON, USA: Google has agreed to issue at least $19m in refunds to consumers whose children made app purchases from its Google Play store without parental consent, officials have confirmed.

5 Sep 2014


Apple's bid to stop sales of Samsung products denied

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: A judge has rejected a bid by Apple to ban US sales of rival Samsung smartphones targeted in a recent $2bn patent trial in Silicon Valley.

28 Aug 2014


LinkedIn must pay $6m in backpay to workers

WASHINGTON - LinkedIn has agreed to pay nearly $6m in backpay and damages to 359 current and former employees after a US investigation found it had failed to pay them properly for overtime work.

5 Aug 2014


Now Microsoft sues Samsung in US

NEW YORK, USA: Microsoft is suing its long-time partner Samsung, accusing the South Korean company of breaching a contract over licensing of technology used in the smartphone market.

5 Aug 2014

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