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Russia puts first sites on new Internet blacklist

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Russia has put into force a new law on the Internet that allows the government to block websites with banned content, prompting fears that it will be used to suppress free speech.

5 Nov 2012


Russia considers 'foreign agent' law for media

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Russia could pass a law labelling media that gets funding from abroad as "foreign agents", a report said Monday, after the parliament approved a similar bill on NGOs.

18 Jul 2012


Kaspersky Lab: Cyber threats in 2012... Targeted attacks, cyber warfare, mobile threats

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: From Hacktivism to Mac Malware, 2011 was a year full of IT security incidents. Kaspersky Lab's experts have picked out the key trends of the past 12 months and highlighted the major new features on the security landscape. Looking at these stories gives us an idea of what we can expect in 2012.

12 Jan 2012


Kaspersky issues report: Duqu Trogan poses biggest threat

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Kaspersky Lab has issued its malware report for October and finds that the Duqu Trogan is the most dangerous Mac OS malware to date.

10 Nov 2011


Kaspersky Lab releases Global IT Security Risks Survey results

MOSCOW, RUSSIA / JOHANNESBURG, SA: 91% of companies globally have experienced an IT threat over the last 12 months according to Kaspersky Lab's Global IT Security Risks Survey. In fact, over the period, 61% of the attacks were due to malware infection, 48% of companies have noticed an increase in the number of cyber attacks and 30% of companies have lost critical business data.

27 Oct 2011


Phishing attacks on Facebook and Habbo intensify

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: According to Kaspersky Lab's spam report for June 2011, the volume of spam in mail traffic increased slightly compared to May and averaged 83.3%, and there are new phishing targets.

1 Aug 2011