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VR and digital video storytelling as top marketing tools for 2018

Creative director and virtual reality expert Brendan Stein of Soapbox Films video production company explains how to make B2B video pop and why you need to get to the 'why' fast in your VR and video marketing, or else...

By Leigh Andrews 19 Apr 2018

Why and how to add ephemeral content to your marketing strategy

Temporary content and impermanence is the name of the game when it comes to social media for consumers in 2018. Here's why you're missing out if Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories aren't part of your brand's marketing strategy...

By Leigh Andrews 12 Apr 2018

Generation selfie and the internet celebrity face

Selfie-culture is changing both the way consumers see themselves - and the way that humans look...

By Bronwyn Williams 11 Apr 2018

Brand South Africa releases results from Domestic Perceptions Research

Brand South Africa has released findings from a new 2017 Domestic Perceptions Research project which aims to develop insight into how South Africans perceive the nation brand...

6 Apr 2018

"Let me tell you a story..." Why marketing fails without digital storytelling

There's no denying the power of potent digital storytelling skills, but marketers aren't necessarily born equipped with those skills, nor do they know how to hone them. Enter the BrandLove potent digital storytelling experiential workshop...

By Leigh Andrews 5 Apr 2018

Key trends in email marketing 2018: What you didn't know about this tried and tested channel

While wide usage of email has been around since the early 1990s, it remains a tried and tested tool for communication, and particularly for effective direct marketing campaigns...

By Grant Fleming 27 Mar 2018

Consumer engagement today is shaped by technology

Gil Sperling writes that marketers need a fundamental shift in outlook to remain relevant...

By Gil Sperling 15 Mar 2018

The new laws of attraction to survive the retail apocalypse

FCB Red Chicago's retail strategy group lead Curt Munk explains that retailers and marketers alike need to understand the new laws of attraction in order to survive what he dubs 'the retail apocalypse'...

By Leigh Andrews 13 Mar 2018

#Newsmaker: Trend Forward's Nemeth is Designing Ways' new editor in chief

Regarded by many as one of the leading trend analysts in the retail, business and built environment, Dave Nemeth of Trend Forward has taken over the reins from Bev Hermanson as editor-in-chief of Designing Ways...

By Jessica Tennant 12 Mar 2018

The Goddesses of the past and present (Part 2)

This a continuation of Dutch trend forecaster Li Edelkoort's presentation at Lisof, on her latest trend book, Goddesses for spring/summer 2019...

By Jessica Tennant 20 Feb 2018

The Goddesses of the past and present (Part 1)

Dutch trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort presented her latest trend books for 2019, namely Goddesses (trends S/S 2019), On Safari (activewear S/S 2019) and Spiritual House (home and lifestyle 2019), as part of Design Indaba 2018 at Lisof in Johannesburg yesterday...

By Jessica Tennant 20 Feb 2018

Olivier Robert-Murphy shares key marketing, media and music trends for 2018

UMGB's chief of possibilities and 2017 Cannes Lions Entertainment for Music jury president, Olivier Robert-Murphy shares key marketing, media and music trends for 2018 at UMGB's Africa launch...

By Juanita Pienaar 10 Feb 2018

#BizTrends2018: Game-changing insights and trends

Trust is important in an era where loyalty levels are diminishing globally and consumers no-longer want to be put in boxes, treated generically or given false promises...

Issued by Ask Afrika 5 Feb 2018

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