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Minister advises journalists to work with responsibility, impartiality

The Angolan minister of Social Communication, Carolina Cerqueira, on Thursday, 6 July 2012, in Uige city, advised the journalists of the various organs of the sector in the province and not only to inform with responsibility and exemption, based primarily on real and clear facts.
Speaking at the meeting she held with journalists from all media organs in the province, under the programme of her 48-hour trip, Carolina Cerqueira said the professional class have triple and more demanding responsibilities that come from the need to streamline the process of bringing to the citizens important information, especially at this stage of the preparation of electoral process which the country is experiencing.

"Journalists should be based on clear facts, because the information must be factual, accurate, pluralistic and free so that each participant in this process can take information necessary for making decisions," she said.

The minister recalled that in recent days, the executive has been taking important steps and significant improvements in terms of living conditions of the population thinking in the present and looking ahead to the future with new hope of life in a democratic society where every citizen has something to say and do.

Before meeting with the journalists, Cerqueira noted the functioning of various organs of the media in the province, such as the Public Television of Angola, Jornal de Angola and the National Radio of Angola, where she received from the respective directors detailed explanation on their state and functioning.

Accompanying the visit of the minister of Mass Media, which ends today, are officials of the ministry.

Carolina Cerqueira reinaugurated Wednesday, the Provincial Delegation of ANGOP, completely refurbished, expanded and equipped.

Source: allAfrica.