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Media, social cohesion workshop in Seguela

ABIDJAN: A workshop on the media and social cohesion was hosted this week, 18-19 May 2010, in Séguéla, 592km from Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Some 40 participants from the media and civil society from Séguéla, Mankono, Kani, Vavoua, Zuenoula and Gohitafla participated in the event.
The major theme of the workshop is 'The role of local media and civil society in the consolidation of social cohesion in electoral period'.

In his opening speech, the Focal Point of the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI) in Séguéla, Guy Munana, said that the objective of the workshop was to create the best conditions for community radio stations to become key actors in maintaining and consolidating a peaceful electoral environment.

"Community radios, like the print media, should now support the appeals process regarding the electoral list by providing useful and necessary information to the population throughout the country, while strictly respecting their duty to help the population and orient it in a good direction," he explained.

Peaceful, safe elections

With regard to civil society, Munana said that it was the second mainstay necessary to consolidate the achievements made so far in the field in order to reinforce social cohesion with a view to holding peaceful and safe elections for all.

The mayor of Séguéla, Bakayoko Vaflali, who attended the opening ceremony, welcomed the activity. "I praise UNOCI's initiative to organise this workshop aimed at exchanging views on the current issue which is the role of everybody in reinforcing social cohesion in an electoral period and I would like the themes to be discussed to provide significant knowledge to participants with regard to their respective responsibilities in ensuring a successful electoral process."

For two days, participants exchanged views on various themes in workshops and in plenary sessions. The first day involved presentations and plenary exchange, while the main activities on the second day were workshops and the restitution of the plenary working sessions. The event aimed to conclude with recommendations and resolutions.