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Expedition to promote education across Africa

In an expedition through Africa, sponsored by Gabriel, the shock absorber brand, Justin Patrick Brogan of Write to Zero Degrees will travel through 12 countries to distribute educational material and to encourage governments en route to give priority to education for children.
The expedition, which departed from Cape Town on 1 September, will travel through countries to the equator in Uganda and then make its way back over a three month period. En route, the expedition will be visiting ministers of education in each country, requiring them to acknowledge the expedition and its goals. Another task is to create awareness of an education initiative, 'Little Voices in Africa'

The mission

The mission is to give the children of Africa a chance to receive meaningful education. This will be done by supplying the basics in terms of writing materials as well as creating awareness in the conditions found en route.

GPS points will be loaded during the expedition so fellow aid organisations and travellers can follow suite and distribute educational materials.

"Africa travel is quite complex, with many an issue to overcome. When plotting the route, one needs to take into consideration the reality that all may not go to plan in terms of border closures due to possible terrorist threats, coup de tats, famine, disease and inclement weather conditions. Other hurdles could be vehicle breakdowns, ill health and possible corruption. An old expression is to "expect the unexpected"," says Brogan.