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Kenya ICT Board, KITOS hosts 2012 East Africa ICT Summit

Kenya ICT Board and Kenya IT and Outsourcing Services (KITOS), the country's new IT industry body, have jointly sealed a partnership with technology event organiser AITEC Africa as host partners for the upcoming East Africa ICT Summit,set to take place in Nairobi from 24-25 October 2012.
With the theme "Smart Cities, Smart Communities, Smart Enterprises," the 2012 edition of the East Africa ICT Summit will include a focus on smart city management. IBM, which are the "Smart Solutions Partner" for the summit is among a range of solution providers that are expected to stage tech solutions and demos.

Passing on knowledge relating to inventions and innovations

The summit will attract an audience of government officials, scholars, and technology and business leaders from across East Africa.

"Conferences of a global nature such as the annual AITEC East Africa ICT Summit continue to play an important role in passing on knowledge relating to inventions and innovations from other parts of the world. The summit is a particularly important source of updates from other markets for ICT professionals in the region as far as technology is concerned," said Paul Kukubo, CEO of the Kenya ICT Board.

He said the Kenya ICT Board took pride in its role as host country partner, which for the first time this year it will share with KITOS.

KITOS chairman, Tej Bedi said the East Africa ICT Summit theme for this year resonated well with the needs of governments and private sectors in the region.

"From Rwanda to Kenya, the private sector is becoming more technology savvy and it is saying, 'We want smarter government services'. There is a raging demand for systems to manage public transport, energy, security, water and other government services which are necessary to deliver higher quality of life in cities," said Bedi.

AITEC Africa celebrates 25 years

AITEC Africa celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and organised its first conference and expo in Nairobi in 1990. The company is credited with facilitating debates, exhibitions, discussions and demos of new technologies by their developers to East African ICT professionals and communities over the years.

"Such concepts and technologies such as GSM, CDMA, cloud computing and outsourcing among others were fronted at AITEC conference by speakers before they were realities," says Simon Muchoki, an ICT manager who has attended AITEC Africa events since 1997.

The World Bank and the Kenya ICT Board will co-host an Open Data Conference stream during the AITEC East Africa ICT Summit.

For the full programme and to register as a delegate, go to or email .