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49M reaches students, as UCT starts movement

16 Oct 2012 10:24
As part of its 49M campaign, '49M Green Campus Movement' launched at the University of Cape Town late last week by presenting its campus event series, 'Youth & the Green Economy'. It will launch its online community via a series of campus events, campus competitions, the appointment of campus ambassadors, entry for the national eta Awards and other social media initiatives.
The 49M Green Campus Movement seeks to unite a national community of impassioned students, and co-ordinate a national campaign around greening of tertiary campuses, many of which already have greening initiatives and have made great strides.


The objectives 'Youth and the Green Economy' are to:
  • Provide students with an up to date overview of the state of the environment, highlighting their impacts and what they can do to change these, through behavioural changes and consumer action (fashion; fast food; cellphones etc)
  • Launch a series of campus activities aimed at energy efficiency on campus
The movement seeks to harness students' exuberance and focus their energy to change South Africa's developmental path through their intelligence and passion. It will be rolled out to all tertiary institutions across the country.
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