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[2014 trends] The future lies in the palm of your hand

With reports of mobile usage overtaking desktop usage in the next two years, it only makes sense that mobile will become a more integrated strategic channel for brands in 2014.
This will lead into new trends that brands will be focusing on in the new year:
  1. Less is more

    Less will increasingly become more. Businesses will not only choose focused channels to reach target audiences but will also take a renewed look at portfolio simplification.

  2. Smart, strategic content

    Smart, strategic content will be king, making context content's best friend this year.

  3. More show, less tell

    There will be more show and less tell this year. Research indicates that imagery attracts more hits than plain text. So if your brand wants to get noticed this year then build more uniquely ownable imagery into your social strategies for 2014.

  4. Challenged conventions

    Conventions will be challenged this year as security, money, gaming and even window shopping take on new meaning in the mobile arena.

  5. Brand measurement

    Brand measurement will be helpful in understanding who you are and where you are going in the new year.

  6. Global fixation

    With the world now at your fingertips, and choice being one of the biggest drivers in purchase decisions, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how easily your brand can play in the global arena. Just remember, when expanding to different markets - think globally while maintaining local know-how and always keep all brand touchpoints aligned.
Mobile is no longer just another communication device, rather, it is a channel that can seriously transform your brand in today's connected world.

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