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[Trends 2015] Brands vs Publishers

[Trends 2015] Brands vs Publishers

We need to start making better long-term decisions when it comes to building communities with real social business and CRM strategies...

By Melissa Attree 29 Jan 2015 08:00

[Trends 2015] Your customers hold the power

[Trends 2015] Your customers hold the power

2015 will continue to be all about the customer, for brands...

By George Golding 29 Jan 2015 09:03

[Trends 2015] A brand promise

[Trends 2015] A brand promise

A brand is a promise made. A great brand is a promise kept. It is people that keep promises, and they can only do so if they understand what those promises are, believe and buy into them...

By Giles Shepherd 29 Jan 2015 08:30

[Trends 2015] Business and consumer trends for 2015

[Trends 2015] Business and consumer trends for 2015

Social activism and the underpinning of digital solutions to major market innovation will characterise this year, according to renowned South African trend analyst, Dion Chang...

By Dion Chang 16 Jan 2015 13:00

Hansie Smit
SA Trendwatch 2015

Alarming trend news from the US is that Mom jeans are set to make a comeback in 2015. For the fashion unconscious, Mom jeans are high-wasted, ankle-length jean pants worn by Moms everywhere...

By Hansie Smit 29 Jan 2015 07:16

[Trends 2015] The disruption of media models
The disruption of media models

Traditional media models are broken and new business thinking is required going forward, urges Omar Essack, group deputy CEO of Kagiso Media...

By Omar Essack 28 Jan 2015 09:20

David Blyth
Mega-trend: Overt customer obsession

The fundamentals of marketing excellence will never change. Just like the shopkeepers who earned their customers' trust before the age of branding, powerful brands are those that understand and relate to people...

By David Blyth 28 Jan 2015 08:50

Heidi Myers
The importance of social listening in 2015

Social listening is arguably the most significant technology to hit marketing since social media itself. It will be a huge trend in 2015. So, what is social listening and why does it matter?...

By Heidi Myers 28 Jan 2015 08:01

Millward Brown's Digital and Media Predictions for 2015 - Millward Brown
Millward Brown's Digital and Media Predictions for 2015

Predicting the future isn't easy, but Millward Brown's media and digital expertise allows it to provide reliable insights into the important emerging trends and their implications for its clients and the world of advertising...

Issued by Millward Brown 27 Jan 2015 11:01

Keri-Ann Stanton
Back to basics communications engagement

The core of public relations is developing meaningful, relevant, sustainable relationships with media, influencers and consumers...

By Keri-Ann Stanton 27 Jan 2015 09:00

Jaco Pienaar
What to expect from 2015

Business has now resumed at its normal frenetic pace and thoughts have turned to how the local media landscape will change in 2015...

By Jaco Pienaar 27 Jan 2015 08:46

Gil Sperling
Explosive disruption for marketing

2015 will be the year that disruption becomes explosive on the marketing and advertising landscape. Organisations that fail to adequately understand and embrace the coming trends will be surpassed in the market...

By Gil Sperling 27 Jan 2015 08:30

Pepe Marais
A purpose-filled future

The more the world feels devoid of meaning, the more people are attracted to brands that display a deeper sense of purpose...

By Pepe Marais 27 Jan 2015 08:00

Gustav Goosen
The big online advertising trends

As always, it was a highly competitive space but this year that seemed the case more than ever - especially when it came to online advertising, fuelled by the continued growth of digital...

By Gustav Goosen 26 Jan 2015 09:05

Sampa Diseko
The 'sound' of Africa

Africa is entrenched in oral storytelling, movement and vocal expression. Marketers need to engage with the source of that sound...

By Sampa Diseko 26 Jan 2015 08:10

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