Damon Stapleton

Regional chief creative officer for DDB in New Zealand and Australia
Location:New Zealand


Damon is regional chief creative officer for DDB in New Zealand and Australia. Before that, ECD at Saatchi and Saatchi Australia, before that, group ECD of TBWA Hunt Lascaris and global ECD of Standard Bank. He has won over 500 awards internationally, including a D&AD Black Pencil, Cannes Grand Prix, Grand Clios, ADC Black Cube and most effective ad in the world by Warc 100. Damon is now regional chief creative officer for DDB in New Zealand and Australia...
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Advertising. A restaurant without a kitchen

When I was growing up I never lived in a house. I lived in many hotels because my father was a hotel manager. This gave me a unique perspective on the chaos that is needed to create order and desirability...

By Damon Stapleton 6 hours ago


Creativity. A dangerous ingredient from two old men

There are a lot of ideas in the world today. It is what fuels the world. We always say how we need ideas. But we don't really value them. In our business, thousands get thrown away every day. Over the last couple of years I have noticed what I call Swiss-Army knife ideas...

By Damon Stapleton 8 Apr 2021


Creativity. Listen to Motown and the Lion Rock

I have been staring at this rock for three days. It may have hypnotised me. I have become convinced it is trying to tell me something. I have smiled at it. I have photographed it. Once or twice, I have turned quickly trying to catch it unawares. But nothing. On the third day, however, I started to understand...

By Damon Stapleton 25 Mar 2021


Creativity. Let's remember there are never just two choices

Damon Stapleton thinks of entrenched positions and what creativity can do to find options and other answers. How do you break out of only two choices?

By Damon Stapleton 2 Dec 2020


Advertising. Why do bad ads happen?

It was a question I should have been able to answer. I have been in the business a while and I have made a few ads. But maybe the simplicity or the clarity of the question blindsided me and left me saying nothing...

By Damon Stapleton 25 Nov 2020


Creativity. Maybe Kanye isn't crazy

If I have learnt anything in this business it is that every couple of years somebody comes along with something that is seen as the new answer...

By Damon Stapleton 30 Sep 2020


So, what will the truth be like in the future?

At the beginning of the week, Kodak, a once giant company was trading at the lowly price of $2.62. By Wednesday it was trading at close to $60...

By Damon Stapleton 5 Aug 2020


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Lipstick

Sell Harry Potter to kids and their parents. This didn't seem to be the hardest brief in the world for a young creative, and to make it even easier, the marketing director informed me that we would be able to sell at 10 bucks cheaper than the competitor. What could go wrong?

By Damon Stapleton 15 Jul 2020


The 11 occasionally, immutable laws of advertising

I have been in advertising for twenty-five years and I swore I would never write a 'Ten rules of' article. So, I didn't. I wrote one with eleven laws instead...

By Damon Stapleton 8 Jul 2020


Creativity. How to make scrambled eggs way better

Space. Time. Distance. Pretty big stuff. These are the rules that govern the universe. But not the imagination...

By Damon Stapleton 3 Jun 2020


Do you believe in the Roaring Twenties brothers and sisters?

So, what happens afterwards? What happens after a catastrophe? How do you carry on and what role does creativity play in all this? I started thinking about all this after reading about the end of the First World War and Swine Flu. What happened after that? The roaring 20's. That has a nice ring to it...

By Damon Stapleton 13 May 2020


2020. A space odyssey

It is a strange feeling to start writing without knowing what you are going to write. It is a feeling of absolute uncertainty. It is so powerful that it can cause paralysis. You can't do what you know you must but you also can't do anything else either...

By Damon Stapleton 29 Apr 2020


Creativity. Bill Withers vs Joe Exotic

It is always going to be a strange week when Tiger King appears and Bill Withers disappears...

By Damon Stapleton 22 Apr 2020


Creativity. The answer to every question on TV

Day 10. I am in lockdown and I have been eating a shit load of Pringles and watching a fair amount of television. As I watched, I noticed this weird phenomenon...

By Damon Stapleton 15 Apr 2020


To be human. Don't worry there's a happy ending

Opinion | Damon Stapleton's take on what it means to be human...

By Damon Stapleton 25 Mar 2020


Advertising. I hope this doesn't go viral

For the last 10 years, I feel like advertising has tried to make an argument. The argument is one of precision...

By Damon Stapleton 4 Mar 2020


Lessons from the second last Blockbuster in the world

Dargaville, a small town on the banks of the Wairoa River in the North Island of New Zealand with a population of approximately 4,500 people, lost the second-last 'Blockbuster' movie store on Earth a few weeks ago. The last one is in the town of Bend, Oregon in the USA...

By Damon Stapleton 12 Feb 2020


Sometimes a yacht needs a horse

In my head, I went through all the answers I thought he could give. But I was way off...

By Damon Stapleton 29 Jan 2020


Having fun underwater

40-million dollars is a lot of money. That is the loss Cats is expected to make. It is a re-occurring event in film. A sure-fire winner that fails...

By Damon Stapleton 15 Jan 2020


You are never lost in Mumbai, you are just on your way

My problems began where most problems do: Being friends with a Bulgarian art director...

By Damon Stapleton 18 Dec 2019

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