Call for CRM papers for best practice casebook

Marketing Mix, in association with Sappi, will be publishing a best practice CRM relevant to South Africa in June 2006, to be launched at Markex. Categories include but are not limited to: auto, financial, multi-partner programme, discount programme, airline, charity, affinity, retail and...

26 Mar 2006

South African CRM Forum launches

Wanted to know more about CRM from companies that are doing it and succeeding at it or learning from their mistakes? The CRM Forum is now open for comments at CRM Forum welcomes a broad range of topics; business intelligence, data management, marketing automation, contact centre and...

13 Jul 2005

CRM forecast for 2004

The movement toward business-process automation won't have much impact on CRM sales in 2004, say CRM pundits, however there'll be continuing growth in the popularity of sales tools from application service providers (ASPs) and increased use of broadband connectivity by mobile workers. Read the full...

7 Jan 2004

Weak protection of consumer privacy by SA websites

50% of SA websites that collect personal information share this information with 3rd parties without the person's consent and 83% do not obtain a person's consent before sending them more communications. This is according to a study of the 100 top websites in South Africa by students at the...

4 Sep 2003

Banks' handling of complaints considered poor

In an annual survey conducted by Markinor on how financial establishments responded to customer complaints it has been found that one in six people have complained about their bank over the past year. The two main causes for complaints were errors and poor communication standards. 46% of the 1,600...

12 Dec 2002

CRM to rebound

The CRM market experienced dramatically diminished growth in 2001 globally, but CRM is expected to pick up again in 2003, maintaining a compound annual growth rate of 12.4% until 2006, according to Craig Kolb, BMI-T analyst.

22 Nov 2002

Good customer service vital to travel industry

Customer service matters most in the travel industry, according to a survey run by Jupiter Media Matrix. In the survey 49% of respondents ranked travel as the top retail category in which customer service was the most important factor affecting their decision to buy, with 79% indicated that an...

11 Aug 2002

Small business eyed by large CRM vendors

SAP and Oracle have both announced small business strategies for CRM, while other traditionally large enterprise-focused CRM and ERP software and related services vendors are also beginning to focus on the extent of the untapped market following the announcement by Microsoft that they would be...

11 Jul 2002

Customer service rated top priority

The top priority for e-business today is customer service. This is according to the second survey of the National Association of Manufacturers / Ernst & Young E-Commerce Trends Index, conducted in the United States. Other important priorities include sales, security and connecting with employees....

6 Mar 2002

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