Looking for a part time Interior design course

I have a full time job, but I've always wanted to get into design. Does anyone out there know of a part time course that i could apply for. 16 Mar 2009

Self Marketing or Agency?

Which would be best? Self marketing or Agency Marketing? 19 Feb 2009

How to become a Brand Manager?

Worked in Sales for 2 years while finishing part time Brand Management studies and want to know the best career path from here on out to end up as a Brand Manager? 19 Feb 2009

Getting into the world of Marketing

How does one break into the world of Marketing without much experience? 19 Feb 2009

How do I find if footage is available

How do I find if footage is available of a shoot that was done in early 1980's at Hartebeespoort dam for a series on effects of war on ordinary citizens? 19 Feb 2009

Need creative course to complement diploma in Marketing

Need creative course to complement diploma in Marketing 19 Feb 2009

music videos ...HELP!!!

How do I obtain international music videos to broadcast locally without ripping off anybody ?? 5 Sep 2008

If you could change one thing forever, what would it be?

That's the question posed in the month of September through the Change4ever initiative presented by the Southern Africa Trust. So what would you change? 3 Sep 2008

How to get employed in the South African media industry

Finding a job in PR, journalism and advertising. 19 Jul 2008

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Are you tired of Zimbabwe and the ongoing crisis dominating the news reports?

Every newspaper, radio station, website and television news slot has an update on how the crisis is worsening in Zimbabwe. 11 Jul 2008

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3rd degree

Whatever happened to investigative journalism? 14 Mar 2007

books on design

Where can I find nice usefull books on and about design. 14 Mar 2007

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Coke parody of Cell C cinema ad

Anyone seen the Coke parody of the Cell C cinema ad? I laughed myself silly last night at the movies. 14 Mar 2007

Content manager

I've recently been appointed content manager at a digital solutions company and would like someone performing the role to give me a brief 'a day in the life of...' 14 Mar 2007

Co Oprative Education

Finding your first job when every compony asks you to have 2 or more years experiance. 13 Mar 2007

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Design industry meeting place?

Where do graphic/multimedia designers meet, for group discussions about the design industry ? 13 Mar 2007

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I`m a filmmaker...

I`m a person who strongly believe in myself and being a self-trained filmmaker-film producer or line producer I want to start my own motion picture and I`m confused by the narrow-mindedness of investors and banks when they are requested to invest or lend money to filmmakers since this is not only about making films but a multifaceted business that can incorporate short-term services to repay banks and pay the rent. 11 Mar 2007

What makes it the best

How do you find out who has thew best longterm sales training. 9 Mar 2007

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Your ideal line up at radio stations

Yo, what do you think would be an ideal line up for radio stations at the moment? We all know they're busy with contract renegotiations. 9 Mar 2007

Corporate and promotional gifts

What do you look for in a corporate gift company? 8 Mar 2007

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Freelance Vs Own Agency

i am a disgruntled employee who wants to step out on his own .what are the pros and cons of Freelance Vs starting an agency ,which is best and and why is it so ? 8 Mar 2007

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Cost of marketing?!

What is a reasonable amount of money to spend on marketing a sme business on a monthly basis? 7 Mar 2007

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media ethics and codes

Don`t exist. 7 Mar 2007

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Going Rate for Jack-of-all-trades?

I need to negotiate an hourly rate with a previous employer and am not sure where negotiations could start... 6 Mar 2007

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B- Com Economics student needing practicals

I am a third year student who need practical during winter break 6 Mar 2007

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Cape Talk - Unlistenable over weekends

Cape Talks' weekend lineup is dreadful. 3 Mar 2007

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Missing the point

When receiving a CV for a candidate from a recruitment agency, a client assumes that his/her skills are going to be listed in order of relevance to the position. It would not seem so... 2 Mar 2007

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How does one take part in pitches, tenders in the design/advertising industry.

How do I find out what pitches are taking place in the design industry?     27 Feb 2007

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Is my son being ripped off?

Last week my 15 month old son did a photo shoot and is getting paid R400.00 for 4 hours work. 27 Feb 2007

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Getting Started In Radio

Hi I am currently a marketing manager wishing to get into the Radio industry part-time (evenings/weekends etc.) I'm electing to do a 1 week course on the technical side, and then perhaps volunteering at a community station. Does anyone have any advice or contacts in this regard? Any correspondence appreciated :) 26 Feb 2007

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