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#OrchidsandOnions: Duo of health ads, take a bow

The Onion goes to Windhoek Lager, for relying on automatic 'programmatic' digital advertising, which damages the brand...

By Brendan Seery 16 Jul 2019

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How corporate SA can transition towards customer centricity and embrace the global paradigm

If your company is not thinking about embracing the global paradigm towards customer centricity, you should spend your remaining profits building a time machine to review the moments that lead to your demise...

By Matthew Westaway 17 Jan 2018

#BizTrends2017: Sustainability requires innovation
#BizTrends2017: Sustainability requires innovation

In the next decade the South African healthcare industry will look very different...

By Danette Breitenbach 9 Jan 2017

Boris Dzhingarov
Self-employed insurance - Do you need it or not?

Unfortunately, most self-employed workers fail to understand how important it is to have health insurance. This is insurance that helps a person to protect the best interests and the family...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 17 May 2016

Neil Kirby
Rights of medical aid members to dispute scheme's refusal of benefits

Where a member is of a view that a particular decision by a medical scheme is unfair or contrary to the rules of the scheme, that member has certain rights available in order to deal with that decision...

By Neil Kirby 11 Dec 2015

Stephen Sandmann
The costs of cancer insurance

Cancer insurance and other disease-specific types of insurance often spark debate around whether they are useful or even necessary...

By Stephen Sandmann 21 Apr 2015

Health-care industry - the next cybercrime target?
Health-care industry - the next cybercrime target?

Health-care systems, from electronic health records to medical devices, are more vulnerable than many of us realise - and the stakes are too high to ignore...

By Perry Hutton 9 Mar 2015

John Harvey
Medical aid and freedom of choice

The recent threat by Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters to withdraw from Parliament's medical aid scheme has placed the spotlight firmly on companies insisting that employees make use their preferred service provider(s).

By John Harvey 24 Jun 2014

Dr Tracy Dunbar
Actionable insight from data

In a business environment where prices and products are so alike, a company's data and how it is used is one of the last remaining differentiators between mediocrity and excellence.

By Dr Tracy Dunbar 2 Apr 2013

Bradley Maseko
SA banks join the "app" world... What's/who's next?

With the exception of FNB, the digital innovation leader in the financial services sector, which launched its application (app) in July 2011, it has taken almost a year for the rest of the big four to launch their very own apps to engage the ever-growing digital generation which has over 70% of South Africans primarily accessing the internet through mobile platforms using smartphones.

By Bradley Maseko 3 Aug 2012

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