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Boosting brand purpose by solving value-action gaps in Africa
Gen Z: The generation that is crafting a better Africa
From East to West: What the new Covid-19 consumer behaviour across Kenya and Nigeria means for brands on the continent
Africa Brand Summit convenor, Solly Moeng.
#Newsmaker: Fara Naomi Macias, new head of marketing at GC Aesthetics
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Covid-19 will bring about a retail apocalypse
#WhatWomenWant in 2020: Welcome to the new era of progressive marketing
#BizTrends2020: Bright future for luxury brands in Africa
Anita de Werd.
If you're an entrepreneur, storytelling matters
10 questions to ask the marketing director
Dr Vera Songwe.
AWIEF conference 2019.
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The reason AI can predict consumer behaviour
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Tosin Lanipekun, executive director of Advertising Week Africa.
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