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North Koreans really hacked off now

NEWSWATCH: North Korean social media sites (yes, they do have them) have apparently been hacked, reports CNN, and closer to home, the iBurst boss might face arrest, reports TechCentral.
An official North Korean picture proving that Kim Jong-un does indeed not have a piggy snout or piggy ears. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

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  • North Korean social media apparently hacked... Someone's brave... or dof. North Korea is given to long and bellicose warnings, threats (for an example, click here and read a couple) and actions every now and then in a seemingly endless search for enemies.

    Now hackers have apparently targeted North Korean social media sites (yes, I was also surprised to learn that they have any at all) by, among other nasties, giving North Korean "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-un a piggy snout and ears worthy of a prize porker.

  • TechCentral: iBurst boss may face arrest... It appears Icasa may lay criminal charges against Thami Mtshali, CEO of Wireless Business Solutions, iBurst's parent company.

    According to the TechCentral report, the possibility of an arrest follows iBurst allegedly replacing confiscated equipment in order to continue offering services. This is apparently in breach of a court order, but Mtshali is reported to have refuted this.
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