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MUMBAI, INDIA: Smartphones give users endless lists of things to keep them both informed and occupied. One of the latest crazes to hit the industry is the barcode's modern cousin, QR codes, or quick response codes.
The buddy stampQR codes encode information in a two dimensional image to allow camera-equipped smartphone users to discover deeper information about a product or company and now Turquoise Cottage, a bar/restaurant in India, has taken this concept to a whole new level.

Partying is often the best method to cut loose from the stresses and strains of life. While many people enjoy 'being in the moment', it is the aftermath that is less enjoyable. Knowing that typical patrons went out drinking for five hours, Turquoise Cottage created the Buddy Stamp as a Christmas Eve campaign aimed at keeping the night safe, but fun. Replacing the typical nightclub admission stamp, the Buddy Stamp is a QR code that users can scan at various times of the night.

From offers on food and drinks, to hangover tips

This socially driven concept of safe partying employed a wide range of social media to tackle criticism that clubs do not really care about their customers. From 8pm to 10pm patrons received bar offers on food and discounts on some of their favourite drinks. From 10pm to 6am, the code provided local cab service numbers, and from 6am to 4pm, hangover tips were issued.

Turquoise Cottage started in 1997 as an idea for rock music, branching into two outlets with live gigs, food and music. Its concept to use the QR code is not new to the Indian market. Previously, Cybermedia had integrated coding in its April 2011 issue of PC Quest magazine, becoming India's first interactive magazine. Cybermedia is the largest speciality media house in South Asia, with 15 publications, 12 websites, over 100 events and 2 weekly TV programs. Its QR codes are to point to video clips, multimedia segments, additional information, or simply contact information for sales people.


Over 85% of bar patrons with smartphones used the Buddy Stamp in the club and shared their evening on Facebook.

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