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France-US skirmish over Amazon digital tax shows why the century-old international tax system is broken

France and the US have managed to avoid turning their recent trade skirmish into a war - for now...

By Ruth Mason 10 Feb 2020


Why France banned meat names for vegetarian alternatives

France recently passed an amendment to its Agriculture Bill. It prohibits any product that is largely based on non-animal ingredients from being labelled like a traditional animal product...

By Malte B. Rödl 1 Jun 2018


Heiress to Nina Ricci fortune launches tax fraud appeal

PARIS - The heiress to the fortune of French couturier Nina Ricci on Thursday launched an appeal to avoid jail time for tax fraud, in one of the toughest sentences of its kind in French fiscal history...

5 Dec 2016


European privacy watchdogs probe Facebook; EU wants to 'finalise' Google market abuse probe

PARIS, FRANCE: European data protection authorities have joined forces to probe Facebook's privacy controls, a French watchdog said on Thursday, putting the popular US social media giant under fresh pressure...

17 Apr 2015


Infidelity ads pulled from French buses after complaints

PARIS, FRANCE: A French website promoting extra-marital affairs complained of censorship on Wednesday after complaints led to its ads being pulled from buses in several cities near Paris...

19 Feb 2015


France issues warrants for UBS managers in tax fraud case

PARIS, FRANCE: French judges on Tuesday issued arrest warrants for three former managers at Swiss bank UBS over allegations it helped customers hide money from the taxman in Switzerland...

18 Feb 2015


France looking at taxing Netflix, Amazon to fund film and TV sector

PARIS, FRANCE: France is looking to decide this year on how it might tax US online giants Google, Amazon and Netflix to help fund its heavily subsidised film and television sector in response to changes brought on by internet video streaming...

3 Feb 2015


French city bans street advertising

LYON, FRANCE: Commercial street advertising will be banned in Grenoble to make way for trees and community noticeboards, the eastern French city's new Green mayor has announced...

25 Nov 2014


Twitter hands over data in French anti-Semitism case

PARIS, FRANCE: Twitter said Friday it had handed over data to French authorities to help identify the authors of anti-Semitic tweets, following a complaint from a Jewish students' group.

15 Jul 2013


Publishers take steps to control data leakage

PARIS, FRANCE / DARMSTADT, GERMANY: The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) has launched a new initiative to ensure that users of news sites are protected from unauthorised collection of data.

10 Jun 2013


French president warns Google over revenue row

PARIS, FRANCE: French President Francois Hollande called on Monday on Google to come to a deal over an advertising revenue row, warning that if necessary, a bill could be adopted to force Internet search engines to pay for media content.

31 Oct 2012


Google threatens to drop links to French media

PARIS, FRANCE: Internet giant Google has warned it would exclude French media sites from its search results if France adopts a law forcing search engines to pay for content, in the latest confrontation with European governments.

22 Oct 2012


World's Press condemns mass trial of Turkish journalists

PARIS, FRANCE / DARMSTADT, GERMANY / ANKARA, TURKEY: The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and the World Editors Forum have condemned the prosecution of 41 Turkish journalists on terrorism-related charges, calling their trial a move by the government to intimidate the press and silence criticism.

29 Sep 2012


France's SAFRAN fined €500 000 for Nigeria bribery

PARIS, FRANCE: A French court on Wednesday fined electronics group SAFRAN €500 000 (US$630 000) for bribing Nigerian officials to obtain a huge ID card contract.

6 Sep 2012

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