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InvolveSoft helps bring social responsibility to the corporate world

"Corporate" has begun to sound like a dirty word to some people. Stories of corporate irresponsibility and immorality run rampant in the news, and the political spin cycle has been none too kind...

Issued by Lebrau Press 25 Jun 2019


Yale University, UN design super-sustainable eco-housing module

Yale University has teamed up with UN Environment and UN Habitat to design a new super-sustainable eco-housing module...

2 Aug 2018


Sun-powered Solar Impulse 2 lands in New York

The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft flew into New York past the Statue of Liberty completing the US leg on Saturday, 11 June, of a record-breaking bid to circumnavigate the Earth powered only by solar energy...

14 Jun 2016


Four things that you should know about the EPA Clean Power Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on August 3 released the final rule of the EPA Clean Power Plan, regulations that limit carbon dioxide emissions from power plants in the US...

By Richard Woodward 5 Aug 2015


Google data centre to rise in former power plant

Google on Wednesday, 24 June, announced it will convert a former coal-burning power plant in Alabama into a data centre using renewable energy...

26 Jun 2015


Mondelez International reports good progress against global well-being goals in 2014 Report

Mondelez International published its Call For Well-being 2014 Progress Report...

1 Jun 2015


GPS shows Earth's crust is rising

WASHINGTON, USA: Scientists using GPS technology to study the extent of the western US drought said Thursday the water shortage is causing parts of the Earth's crust to rise.

22 Aug 2014


Google-backed database steps up fight on deforestation

WASHINGTON, USA: Google, environmentalists and governments have unveiled a state-of-the-art database to track deforestation, hoping to increase levels of law enforcement to prevent it.

21 Feb 2014


Ford's solar-powered concept hybrid car

NEW YORK, USA: Ford announced plans for a prototype hybrid car that uses solar energy from a rooftop charger, to reduce petrol consumption without drawing electricity from the national electricity grid.

6 Jan 2014


Google, KKR to invest US$400m on solar projects

NEW YORK CITY, USA: Internet company Google and investment firm KKR will invest $400m in six solar plants in California and Arizona, the companies said.

18 Nov 2013


Apple 'space-ship' campus plan cleared for 'lift-off'

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Apple's plan to build a verdant new campus crowned with a shimmering flying-saucer shaped headquarters was cleared for 'lift-off' Tuesday, 15 October.

17 Oct 2013


New battery uses microbes to turn sewage into energy

WASHINGTON, USA: American scientists may have found a way to produce clean energy using contaminated water, according to a new study published on Monday (16 September).

17 Sep 2013


Coca-Cola, WWF expand global partnership

ATLANTA, US: The Coca-Cola Company and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are working to advance the Coca-Cola system's sustainability stewardship with the announcement today of new, bold global environmental goals and an expanded global partnership.

10 Jul 2013


Fracking - the debate rages on

WASHINGTON, USA: New evidence that fracking may contaminate drinking water was published on Monday (24 June) in a study that's sure to add fuel to the fight over the controversial method of extracting natural gas from cracks in rocks.

26 Jun 2013

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