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Four things you absolutely need to know about vehicle insurance in North Carolina

If you drive a car in North Carolina, it's an absolute must to get vehicle insurance. Not only is it required by law, it can also protect you from financial ruin in case you get into an accident...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 5 Jan 2017


Midas Awards World's Best Financial Advertising: 2013 Shortlist

NEW YORK CITY, US: USA leads with 61 Shortlisted entries, followed by South Africa, Turkey, and Australia.

5 Dec 2013


US Senate approves US$955bn farm bill

WASHINGTON, USA: The US Senate approved a sweeping, nearly US$1trn farm bill that sets out agriculture policy for the next five years, including expansion of crop insurance and reduction of food stamps.

12 Jun 2013


comScore's 2012 US Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report

RESTON, US: comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, has released its 2012 Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report, which provides a detailed analysis of overall industry trends in 2011 and the attitudes and intentions of consumers shopping for auto insurance online. In addition, the study reports on the volume of online quote requests and highlights customer preferences on purchasing channels and key factors driving the decision-making process for shoppers.

25 Jun 2012


Emerging auto insurance and aggregator sites attracting meaningful market share

RESTON, US: comScore, Inc, a leader in measuring the digital world, has announced the availability of an expanded competitive set of insurers and aggregator sites for its online auto insurance benchmarker. In Q4 2010, these additional sites accounted for 724 000 submitted quotes, making up 8% of quotes submitted online.

8 Mar 2011


2010 US online property insurance report

RESTON, US: comScore, Inc. has released its 2010 Online Property Insurance Report, based on behavioural data from comScore's 1 million person US panel and a survey of more than 2 000 US Internet users aimed at understanding attitudes and intentions with regard to conducting insurance transactions online.

24 Nov 2010