Google sets up anti-ageing platform

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google's new company aimed at addressing problems of health and ageing has taken a step forward with its own website and mission statement.

13 Aug 2014


App provides prompt delivery of dagga order

SAN FRANCISCO, USA:- Startup company Eaze has released a smartphone application promising prompt, professional delivery of medical marijuana to the doors of patients in San Francisco.

31 Jul 2014


Mobile technology reshapes healthcare sector

WASHINGTON, USA: Your smartphone is not only your best friend, it's also become your personal trainer, coach, medical lab and maybe even your doctor.

29 Jul 2014


Medicine goes mobile with smartphone apps, devices

WASHINGTON, USA: Thanks to smartphones, email, video games and photo sharing are available at the touch of a finger.

20 Feb 2014


US drugstore giant CVS to remove cigarettes from store shelves

WASHINGTON, US US retail drug store giant CVS Caremark announced Wednesday that it will stop selling cigarettes, a move immediately applauded by President Barack Obama as having a "profoundly positive impact on the health of our country."

6 Feb 2014


The Global Awards 2013: The winners

NEW YORK CITY, US / SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: The Global Awards World's Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising announced its 2013 award winners on Friday, 15 November at ceremonies in New York City and Sydney, Australia. Two SA agencies won Finalist Certificates.

18 Nov 2013


Google promises new thinking for health company

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google announced on Wednesday (17 September) it was launching a new company focused on health and well-being and hinted at co-operation with longtime rival Apple in the venture.

19 Sep 2013


Internet health searches not private: US researcher

WASHINGTON, US: Patients searching for health-related information on the Internet may find their privacy threatened, said a research letter published in a major US medical journal on Monday.

9 Jul 2013


GSK's blockbuster drug Avandia reviewed

WASHINGTON, USA: GlaxoSmithKline's controversial diabetes drug Avandia, restricted in the US and banned in Europe over concerns it raises heart attack risk, is getting a second look this week by US medical experts.

6 Jun 2013


Nike 'lances' support for Livestrong

LOS ANGELES, USA: Nike has decided to stop making products for disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong's cancer charity Livestrong, but will still support the group financially, the company said on Tuesday (28 May).

30 May 2013


Video games improve mental agility

WASHINGTON, USA: Playing video games can prevent and even reverse deteriorating brain functions such as memory, reasoning and visual processing, according to a study released on Wednesday (1 May).

2 May 2013


Bacteria may halt pancreatic cancer's spread

WASHINGTON, USA: An experimental therapy that uses Listeria bacteria to infect pancreatic cancer cells and deliver tumour-killing drugs has shown promise in laboratory animal research, US scientists said on Monday (22 April).

23 Apr 2013


Does anyone use health apps?

WASHINGTON, USA: US consumers are being offered a cornucopia of smartphone apps to track or manage health but only a small number of people are using them, according to a survey released recently.

28 Jan 2013


Flu, fever in pregnancy tied to autism risk

WASHINGTON, USA: Women who had the flu or ran a fever for more than a week during their pregnancy face a greater risk of having a child with an autism spectrum disorder, Danish researchers said last week.

14 Nov 2012

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