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Thumtom to change the face of advertising
Thumtom to change the face of advertising

The Thumbtom Android App for smartphones is reportedly South Africa's first app that actually pays users for viewing ads.

19 Dec 2014 12:33

Vserv and XL partner to fuel the mobile entertainment ecosystem in Indonesia - Vserv
Vserv and XL partner to fuel the mobile entertainment ecosystem in Indonesia

The alliance strengthens Vserv's global telco partnerships

Issued by Vserv 18 Dec 2014 14:09

Looking at 2014 in the rearview mirror - Mobile Marketing Association
Looking at 2014 in the rearview mirror

Writing an article looking into the review mirror is a tricky business. How does one write about the highlights of 2014, when there are so many exciting initiatives to talk about?! Mobile touches many different parts of the way we communicate and therefore there are so many diverse stakeholders. Hopefully, many stakeholders is a positive, and a sign of the times. Next year will be the Year of Mobile... only kidding! We are a mobile community, so the world and era of mobile is already here! It's time to empower ourselves to understand how we can leverage this dynamic and engaging marketing channel to build better consumer information and relevancy for the end user. Bring on Big Data!

By Nicolle Harding, Issued by Mobile Marketing Association 18 Dec 2014 13:38

New app for field photographers
New app for field photographers

There are many field situations where it is not practical or even possible for a photographer to use a laptop to edit, caption and send images from the field to the picture desk.

18 Dec 2014 08:08

Why a translation app isn't the answer for your business
Why a translation app isn't the answer for your business

Every few weeks, another innovative new translation app is announced to help people around the world communicate. Waygo and Google's Word Lens let you hold your smartphone up to a sign or menu and get a real-time translation. So when you are at a business lunch in China, you can figure out what the menu is about so the meeting can stay about business and not the fact that you can't tell the pork from the turtle on the menu.

By Ian Henderson 17 Dec 2014 07:24

Doogee DG900 hands-on review - Doogee South Africa
Doogee DG900 hands-on review

In this era of technology, there is an ever-increasing number of tech-lovers who desire smartphones with larger displays, tablets and more recently, "phablets" instead of simple smartphones. Observing this trend, more and more companies are trying their best to keep up with the flow. Doogee has shown a great degree of competition to all the other companies with its amazing models. Here is a spec-to-spec review of its latest smartphone, Doogee DG900 Turbo2, which is all set to take you by surprise with its superb features.

Issued by Doogee South Africa 15 Dec 2014 11:29

Orange retail store set for 2015 launch

Following the success of the Orange Online Store, introduced to South Africa earlier this year, telecommunications services provider Orange will launch its first branded retail store in South Africa, situated in Claremont, Cape Town. The store is expected to start trading in January 2015.

12 Dec 2014 14:23