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    Editorial assistant at Bizcommunity.
    Call 2 Care uplifts communities with garden education, after-school programmes

    About a year ago, we interviewed Cape Town-based non-profit organisation, Call 2 Care which invests its time and efforts to uplift communities in underprivileged areas through sustainable food access and gardening education.

    By Robin Fredericks 3 days ago

    #WTMA18: Digital as the predominant channel for travel

    Working with destinations around the world on their digital strategies, Cook and his team have been witness to how tourist boards, government and private sector associations adapt and grow in the travel space...

    By Robin Fredericks 10 May 2018

    #WTMA18: Experiencing the wild with Aquila Safaris

    Aquila Safaris in association with World Travel Market Africa invited us to get a taste of its own brand of wild during an overnight stay. Just two hours' drive from Cape Town, this gem of natural beauty welcomed us to its vibrant and breathtaking surrounds which could easily leave anyone in awe...

    By Robin Fredericks 3 May 2018

    #WTMA18: Changing the digital narrative for destination marketing organisations

    Sharing some of his most favourite passions including surfing, balloons and unicorns, Cape Town Tourism CEO, Enver Duminy took us through the destination marketing organisation and its relevance in a digital world during his talk at this year's World Travel Market Africa...

    By Robin Fredericks 25 Apr 2018

    #WTMA18: How small travel and tourism companies can market themselves effectively

    Day one of WTM Africa 2018 saw Big Ambitions director of promotions, Natalia Rosa, share her insights into marketing for small tourism and travel companies...

    By Robin Fredericks 24 Apr 2018

    #WTMA18: An inside look at the Google Trekker Project

    This was more than just putting South Africa on the map, it was a nation-building project with a common cause...

    By Robin Fredericks 24 Apr 2018

    Bottomup outreach programme inspires learners to stay in school

    Bottomup - a non-profit organisation in Edgemead, Cape Town - goes far and beyond to provide schools with programmes that nurture belonging and identity; undertaking to understand why the youth have become disconnected from education...

    By Robin Fredericks 26 Mar 2018

    IPAF 2018 uplifts community with nature themed street art

    Dubbed "We need nature", this year's IPAF focused on creating awareness around climate change, which affects everyone in the world. Through this message, IPAF hopes to alter behaviours toward nature...

    By Robin Fredericks 19 Feb 2018

    The handy travel companion amplifying hotel service and guest experience

    Wednesday, 5 December, saw the launch of the 'handy' device into the South African market as a means to revolutionise travel and the hotel industry...

    By Robin Fredericks 14 Dec 2017

    Tink Labs' handy revolutionises hospitality industry, experiences for travellers in Africa

    Created by founder and CEO of Tink Labs, Terence Kwok, handy is more than just platform to interact with hotels, it enables guests to have a hassle-free travel experience...

    By Robin Fredericks 8 Dec 2017

    #BigConnect: Bridging the travel brand, influencer gap in destination marketing

    With the aim to connect influencers and travel brands, as well as address travel and destination marketing in South Africa, the Big Connect 2017 saw a conversation spark between influencers and travel brands, which included...

    By Robin Fredericks 28 Nov 2017

    Maths meets art - connecting two divided worlds

    Vanguard: A month where math meets art, was created with the aim to connect ideation, dialogue and collaboration between education and the arts...

    By Robin Fredericks 27 Oct 2017

    Airbnb's authentic experiences boost local communities through technology

    Airbnb's Chris Lehane and CiTi's Joshin Raghurbar took part in a conversation on how, through technology, tourism can generate new economic opportunities and authentic experiences...

    By Robin Fredericks 26 Oct 2017

    Education in South Africa - improving the system with art

    The month-long exhibitions, titled Vanguard: A month where math meets art, was created with the aim to connect ideation, dialogue and collaboration between education and the arts and includes...

    By Robin Fredericks 17 Oct 2017

    Changing the dreamer's education through art and music

    Kurt Minnaar, founder of Dreamer Education, has been making strides in education with his unconventional teaching methods...

    By Robin Fredericks 16 Oct 2017

    Exploring the ethos behind Dexter Moren's bespoke design approach

    The new Tsogo Sun SunSquare Cape Town City Bowl and the StayEasy Cape Town City Bowl enables both business and leisure travellers of all budgets a place to explore what Cape Town has to offer...

    By Robin Fredericks 18 Sep 2017

    #THINCAfrica: An economic rethink on domestic tourism

    CEO of Tourism, Sisa Ntshona shared his thoughts on global and local tourism and how we, as locals, can do our part in helping the South African economy through travelling locally...

    By Robin Fredericks 12 Sep 2017

    #YoungCreatives: Self exploration through photographic expression

    Artistic expression comes forth in many forms, be it through dancing, singing, writing and drawing - it lives and its breathes...

    By Robin Fredericks 12 Sep 2017

    #THINCAfrica: Dealing with hotel development challenges in Africa

    Rishabh Thapar sat down with a group of panellists at THINC Africa 2017 to discuss challenges in hotel development...

    By Robin Fredericks 6 Sep 2017

    Speed networking at the Seychelles Roadshow

    We caught up with the director for Africa and America's Seychelles Tourism Board and marketing manager for Alphonse Island at the Seychelles Roadshow, to find out more about MICE services and its positioning within the Seychelles...

    By Robin Fredericks 26 Jul 2017

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