Masekwameng at last year's Awards
Exclusive insights from 2015's Annual AdFocus Award judges

Debate and difficulty in choosing a clear winner in some of this year's Annual AdFocus Awards categories is testament to a well-developed marketing and communications industry.

By Leigh Andrews 23 Nov 2015 14:00

Top five ways to advance your content marketing strategy - Foreword
Top five ways to advance your content marketing strategy

When it comes to content marketing, the most important element of a successful strategy is being able to balance what your company has to say and what your customers, and potential customers, want to hear.

Issued by Foreword 23 Nov 2015 09:31

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Killing competition through brand relevance

When it comes to marketing your brand or company to the youth there's nothing wrong with setting objectives such as attaining the cool factor, however achieving the cool factor shouldn't be the "be-all and end-all".

By Veli Dlamini 23 Nov 2015 08:43

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[Relentlessly Relevant] 6. Your brain needs sticky notes

Innovation, and the art of capturing ideas on the fly.

By Douglas Kruger 20 Nov 2015 12:00

FCB restructures to FCB Africa
FCB restructures to FCB Africa

FCB has announced that it would be restructuring its business on the continent and as a result of this FCB South Africa has been renamed FCB Africa and its affiliates on the continent would be rebranded to include FCB in their names.

By Danette Breitenbach 20 Nov 2015 08:08

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The art of generational communication

The days of drawing out the same, static message to communicate with all your consumers have come to an end, especially with the growing realisation that different generations have different communication styles. Lindy Drake, Marketing Manager of INOVO, explains how to get this right.

By Leigh Andrews 19 Nov 2015 12:00

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Media planning bias

There's nothing seriously wrong or unusual about planning bias.

By Chris Brewer 16 Nov 2015 12:00

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Marketers are the new CEOs

There is a new role being assigned to top marketers in business: the role of the Chief Experience Officer (CEO).

By Farren Roper 16 Nov 2015 10:00

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The big brands and LSMs

Are there certain LSM groups that contribute disproportionately to big brands' market penetration? One would expect big brands to have a LSM profile very much in line with that of the whole population.

By Erik du Plessis and Neil Higgs 12 Nov 2015 06:00

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The art of content marketing to your audience

There is this word 'content' that comes with many terms and conditions, yet it can be misused according to how people want to use it. I mention terms and conditions because at times, it can work against you, with you, or for you.

By Cecilia Mohlala 11 Nov 2015 13:46

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Direct marketing advice from Seth Godin

This week's focus is all about direct marketing, especially with the Assegai Awards taking place on Thursday. Even marketing guru Seth Godin tapped into the topic in his latest blog post.

By Leigh Andrews 10 Nov 2015 14:00

Five types of content to fuel your marketing success
Five types of content to fuel your marketing success

In order to survive in today's cut-throat market, companies are now forced to explore fresh new exciting ways to capture their audience attention. A proper high quality content marketing strategy can help your company obtain new clients, increase brand recognition and grow your email list.

By Charl Vollmer 6 Nov 2015 10:22

Leveraging big data for better business decisions in marketing
Leveraging big data for better business decisions in marketing

Big data and the benefits it can deliver for business is a hot topic, particularly for marketing departments where big data promises to deliver deeper customer insights, better business decision-making and improved return on investment. While the advantages of leveraging big data are multiple, many organisations struggle to come to grip with the added complexity it brings.

By Gary Allemann 5 Nov 2015 13:00