Marketing to Millennials - Pyrotec
Marketing to Millennials

Millennials or Gen Yers - those born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s - are an important generation for marketers and brand owners to get to grips with.

Issued by Pyrotec 25 Apr 2016

Boris Dzhingarov
Five digital marketing tips for B2B companies

1. Know your online audience

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 25 Apr 2016

Tips from a marketing all-rounder
Tips from a marketing all-rounder

From my experience in the industry, having been in financial services, retail, entertainment and IT, and waste management, it became increasingly important for me to develop into an all rounder within marketing.

By Saira Chinsamy 20 Apr 2016

Winemaker, Pieter Walser, put his instincts to the test
Bottling brainwaves

Buried deep in our brains is a complex infrastructure of nerves known as the limbic system that keeps us alive on the most basic level. It tells us whether to feel fear, anger or joy, and controls our drives such as hunger, sex and taking care of our young.

20 Apr 2016

Zubair Timol
Combining PR and content marketing to maximise results

There is a symbiotic relationship between PR and content marketing that PR agencies in the region should take advantage of to gain more credibility for their clients. Creating quality content has major benefits for a brand's search engine optimisation efforts, social media engagement, and its credibility. Additionally, offering content marketing services will make the role of PR even more vital to brands. There are several different routes you can take to make that happen.

By Zubair Timol, Issued by Meltwater 19 Apr 2016

Six tips for perfect marketing strategy across mobile touchpoints
Six tips for perfect marketing strategy across mobile touchpoints

The mandate of the time is already clear: for creating a robust mobile experience all user touchpoints have to be orchestrated. Statistics from Pew Research Center as of April 2015 revealed that 64% of US adults own a smartphone while more than 51% emails are being opened on mobile devices.

By Juned Ahmed 19 Apr 2016

Marketing to a global audience: Four things you need to know
Marketing to a global audience: Four things you need to know

Marketing is a complex business. There's a lot of psychology involved, since you have to craft offers and promotions to entice and intrigue. Beyond the offers, you've got to have a top quality product or service, backed by guarantees and great customer service. You also need to have the sales funnel built just the right way to nudge the conversion rate.

By Charles Mburugu 18 Apr 2016

The Customer Innovation Lab: The age of technology
The Customer Innovation Lab: The age of technology

Like a 90s kid walking into the new hippest arcade - that's how I felt walking into Ogilvy's Customer Innovation Lab. Kitted out with the latest technology, the agency is looking to introduce the modern digital world to its clients and campaigns.

By Beverley Klein 13 Apr 2016

© Diego Cervo –
Business meetings: From time-wasters to productivity boosters

With advances in technology, a younger workforce and the rise of multinational companies with staff based across the globe, remote workers are on the rise - and so is the dreaded conference call. Here's how to take learnings from these typical time-wasters to make your business meetings more productive.

By Leigh Andrews 11 Apr 2016

Internet marketing explained
Internet marketing explained

This is the interactive but targeted and measurable marketing of products and services through the use of digital technologies to reach customers as well as maintain them.

By Eric Kyalo 7 Apr 2016

©glowonconcept via 123RF
Shifts in strategy for 2016 and beyond (Part 1)

It is truly an age-old industry dispute: the value of strategy and planning versus the value of implementation and creativity. In spite of the various arguments put forth by both camps in the past, contemporary opinion within the industry is pointing to the fact that both of these areas have a critical role to play in the fields of marketing and communication.

By Mike dos Santos 5 Apr 2016

Market research in the mobile world
Market research in the mobile world

So what does a combination of mobile, technology and market research mean for Africa and specifically South Africa. If the world is talking about market research in the mobile world, should Africa be having the same conversation or is our situation different?

By Mpho Mpofu 5 Apr 2016

Trend or insight? What's the difference? - Mortimer Harvey
Trend or insight? What's the difference?

As marketers, we're all addicted to trends, but let's be honest, most us of get a little confused about what a trend or an insight really is.

By Winnifred Knight, Issued by Mortimer Harvey 4 Apr 2016