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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

#AfricaMonth: Will you be part of the quarter-of-a-billion-hustle?
#AfricaMonth: Will you be part of the quarter-of-a-billion-hustle?

Uganda is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in Africa according to research stats...

By Cobus van Zyl 2 days ago

#AfricaMonth: Africa is evolving into a global innovation powerhouse
#AfricaMonth: Africa is evolving into a global innovation powerhouse

By 2050, over a quarter of the world's population will live in Africa. In celebration of Africa Day, 25 May 2018, Sage unpacks which of Africa's key economies are positioned for strong growth in the decades to come...

By Pieter Bensch 1 day ago

#AfricaMonth: Brands and cultural diversity across Africa

Reputation is 100%-dependent on landscape comprehension, so brands in Africa need to understand cultural diversity across the continent...

By Trevor Chueu 1 day ago

#AfricaMonth: Beware - Africa's brand growth comes with counterfeiting challenges

Africa is an ideal market for brand holders and counterfeiters as growth in brand investment creates demand...

By Vanessa Ferguson 1 day ago

Rethinking your marketing strategy for a worldwide audience

Marketers have agreed for many years: content is king. When a company is primarily trying to spread content and build brand awareness in their native country, they generally have a pretty good handle on how to tell an engaging story...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 2 days ago

Survival advice from an accountant and a marketer

Risk is not a four letter word. Ok, it is, but it isn't that sort of four letter word. In fact it's just the flip side of reward and reward is what we are all after in business...

By Chris Moerdyk, Issued by Chris Moerdyk 2 days ago

Social storytelling 101: Stop and sharpen your marketing axe

On Friday, 18 May 2018, Cape Town's marketing set descended on the Park Inn Radisson, for Meltwater's latest Biz Breakfast session with Treeshake's Dave Duarte on the art of social storytelling...

By Leigh Andrews 2 days ago

Retail, Design and Development Awards and Footprint Marketing Awards entries open now

The 2018 Retail, Design and Development Awards (RDDA) and the Footprint Marketing Awards have officially opened for entries...

3 days ago

I love qualitative research, but I hate focus groups - Here's why

When we started Columinate, it was with the idea that there ought to be a more effective and efficient way to conduct research, and so we pioneered the use of MROCs (or Market Research Online Communities) locally - a modern way of doing qualitative research...

By Elna Pretorius, Issued by Columinate 3 days ago

Where will GDPR and PoPIA leave digital marketing?

GDPR and PoPIA are set to dramatically change the way South African organisations do business - especially how personal data is handled and stored...

By Elizabeth de Stadler 3 days ago

How to grow your business with these influencer marketing strategies

The fall of traditional outbound marketing strategies has seen the meteoric rise of influencer marketing This is due to its potential to grow your business manifold. It can help you to engage with your audience and improve your brand's visibility.

By Brian Mechem 22 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: Sharon Keith on leaving the Coca-Cola high

Sharon Keith made a name for herself as marketing director at Coca-Cola Africa, but is now bubbling over with the need to pursue other professional and personal interests...

By Leigh Andrews 22 May 2018

The most valuable brands in South Africa 2018

Brand Finance has just launched the results of a report listing South Africa's most valuable brands in 2018...

22 May 2018

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