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Deviating from the norm

Converged specialist - that term, (coined by myself) is a term I use to describe the future of work progress...

By Delicia Arjunan, Issued by Dentsu Aegis Network 2 days ago

#BehindtheSelfie with… Kerri-Ann Hamilton

This week, we find out what's really going on behind the selfie with ‘bi-techtual' technophile Kerri-Ann Hamilton, who serves as creative manager, mind reader and magician at Jam Media...

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago

Gain marketing muscle at Madex 2017; free pre-registration is now open

Do you ever feel like all you have learnt, know and do is suddenly and without warning being turned upside down? In the past year have you looked at your job and muttered an oh-my-word, wow, seriously or sjoe?..

Issued by Madex 3 days ago

J. Walter Thompson Cape Town and SunSteam join forces to bring energy to everyone under the sun

A highly contested business win in the rapidly expanding renewable energy sector has seen J. Walter Thompson Cape Town appointed to lead all marketing communication on the African continent for innovative solar technology enterprise SunStream Technology Inc...

Issued by JWT 3 days ago

Ogilvy Cape Town wins KFC New Africa Markets

Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town has been appointed lead agency for KFC's New Africa Markets...

Issued by Ogilvy & Mather 21 Feb 2017

Is your brain doing what you think it's doing?

I'm never quite sure what to expect at conferences and seminars. I must have been to hundreds, possibly thousands, during my career and by and large they're ho-hum affairs...

By Chris Brewer 20 Feb 2017

Brands tune into music streaming networks

Brands can benefit from tuning into the trend of music streaming networks to differentiate themselves from their competition, as consumers change they way they listen and acquire music...

20 Feb 2017

Digital marketing trends for 2017 (part 3)

In part three of my exploration of digital marketing in 2017, I delve into subjects I haven't covered yet, such as apps, B2B and tracking ROI digital marketing trends, and share more insight into other trends...

By Stephen Sandmann 20 Feb 2017

McCafe gears behind the South African Film and Television Awards

McCafe, the lifestyle coffee product offering by McDonald's South Africa, has announced its headline sponsorship of the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) that will be hosted in Sun City on 18 March 2017...

Issued by Pacinamix 20 Feb 2017

Compete cleverly: Don't outrun – outwit!

Any typical contender has to deal with intimidation when faced by a significant and strong opponent. Power is persuasive, and we often believe that the big boys are inevitably set to take the victories. However, knowledge – converted into smart strategies – can trump power...

Issued by Gawk 20 Feb 2017

Six awesome SMS marketing tips for businesses

Short message service (SMS) marketing is becoming increasingly popular with many businesses all over the world. Text messaging in business is not only fast and convenient, but also very cost-effective compared with other forms of communication. When done properly, a text marketing campaign can improve your business' reputation and boost your profits...

By Charles Mburugu 20 Feb 2017

Potayto, Potarto: How this Super Bowl ad changed how I see marketing

Even if you don't follow American Football, if you're interested in marketing, communications and/or advertising, come Super Bowl night you're probably also glued to your twitter feed, waiting for the ‘next big ad'...

By Leigh Crymble 17 Feb 2017

The human era of marketing

Clean-up in the marketing aisle! Social media has swiped its hand across B2B and B2C and left marketing in disarray. Watch your step, because H2H is demanding shelf space...

By Jodene Shaer 17 Feb 2017

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