Move over content and distribution, user experience is king
Move over content and distribution, user experience is king

PwC's ‘Entertainment and media outlook: 2017 - 2021: An African perspective' foresees content and distribution moving aside as user experience takes centre stage. The report was launched yesterday at Urban Brew Studios in Johannesburg.

3 days ago

Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part two
Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part two

In part two of this three-part series based on the media monitoring industry, ROI Africa's Tonya Khoury explains the algorithms she uses, live sentiment tracking and big content.

By Angie White 21 Sep 2017

Elke van Vledder (Philips), Meanda Mills (Overall winner, and Easter category winner), Tessa Purden (Food24), Lucy Jones (Philips).
Meanda Mills crowned as Food24's hottest new super chef

Food24 named the winners of their first-ever NextGen competition yesterday morning, 14 September 2017 at a lavish event held in Cape Town on the uppermost floor of the Naspers building, known as the Nasdak.

By Juanita Pienaar 15 Sep 2017

Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part one
Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part one

In this three-part series, I chat to ROI Africa MD Tonya Khoury about the ins and outs of media monitoring, how AVE fits into it all (and if it should), the need for regulation in the industry, and what this all means for Bizcommunity and our clients.

By Angie White 15 Sep 2017

The importance of creative in today's data-driven marketing industry
The importance of creative in today's data-driven marketing industry

The majority of browsers visiting an e-commerce website don't convert on their first visit. There are several reasons for this, but none as critical as context, i.e. understanding where in the customer journey the browser is, and delivering a message that is relevant and effective, through beautifully packaged creative.

Issued by Sprout 14 Sep 2017

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Want to add a digit to your blogging income? Here's how

Blogging is a great way to substantiate your income and perhaps even do it as a full-time profession of choice. While social media and mass media is quick to position bloggers as social influencers and promote this profession to aspiring bloggers; the reality is that cutting it in the industry is downright difficult.

By Phindiwe Nkosi 14 Sep 2017

New Generation Awards announces 2017 finalists
New Generation Awards announces 2017 finalists

The New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards has announced this year's finalists, with a record number of entries received this year.

13 Sep 2017

Here's how CPL needs to change
Here's how CPL needs to change

Brands are being pinched between the scrawny forefinger of recession and the oppressive thumb of an interminable political kleptocracy. Marketing budgets face being slashed in companies that adopt a defensive mindset, or forced to account for every penny by boards that are a little more open to the ways of the market. This is the marketer's lament, and while it is sung to to a sad tune, the advent of data and marketing technology ensure it can end on a higher note.

Issued by ACME Digital 12 Sep 2017

Charlie Stewart
Voice-based search: Act now to be heard

Think your current SEO tactics are enough to get you organic search traffic? With voice search gaining traction, the game is about to change.

By Charlie Stewart, Issued by Rogerwilco 12 Sep 2017

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What on-site freelancers bring to the party

A party is the last thing on a freelancer's mind. Freelancers who have the time to party misunderstood the ‘free' part of their job titles and are missing out on the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution in the “real world” for half-days on a three-month contract. Freelancers who think life is one BIG party lack the grit to see out that three-month contract.

By JS Smit 7 Sep 2017

Boris Dzhingarov
Successful web marketing, wherever you're based

Living in South Africa, it's easy to think that any business you run will necessarily be behind the eight-ball when it comes to global competition. This might have been the case for most of history, but, all other things being equal, online marketing and customer connection are great equalizers when it comes to modern business. Though we might fall into pre-web thinking from time to time, you've got to learn about and embrace the web tactics of today to realise that there's nothing holding you back but you.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 7 Sep 2017

Ramaphosa 'porn video' hits the internet
Ramaphosa 'porn video' hits the internet

Controversial businessman Kenny Kunene has stepped into the ring of ANC factional battles in the run- up to the party's 54th national congress. Kunene's website, Weekly Xposé, published an article on Monday containing the name and pornographic videos of one of the women allegedly linked to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa in an article in the Sunday Independent. Ramaphosa is not in the videos.

5 Sep 2017

The new YouTube logo.
YouTube's new logo and layout annoys creators

YouTube has officially launched its new layout for both mobile and desktop, but creators are less than enthused with the surface-level fixes.

By Julia Breakey 1 Sep 2017